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Seminole State College is committed to utilizing a variety of committees to support effective planning and decision-making. Institutional committees shall provide support for strategic priorities and appropriate procedures for collegewide operations. All Seminole State staff members are eligible and encouraged to serve.

Current Guidelines and Members

Committee Resources

Committee Forms

  • Minutes Form Template - PDF  Word
  • Motion Form Template - PDF  Word
  • Annual Assessment Form Template - PDF  Word

The purpose and membership of each committee is described and listed in the institutional procedure that relates to each specific committee. The standing committees at Seminole State include:

Academic Calendar1.0900.19Agendas/Minutes
Council to Coordinate Standing Committees 1.0900.4Agendas/Minutes
Employee Benefits1.0900.14Agendas/Minutes
Environmental Health, Safety and Security1.0900.18Agendas/Minutes
Planning and Budgeting1.0900.3Agendas/Minutes
Technology Advisory Committee1.0900.6Agendas/Minutes
Technology Enhanced Learning1.0900.9Agendas/Minutes
Employee Excellence1.0900.2Agendas/Minutes
Shared Governance Council1.0900.1Agendas/Minutes
Speaker Series Committee1.0900.22Agendas/Minutes
Sustainability Committee1.0900.21Agendas/Minutes

*Agendas/Minutes may be posted to this Web page via a TIM WebSupport request.


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