Thank you to everyone who joined us and helped to make our 2nd Annual Summit on Shared Governance a Success on January 22, 2021.  

Governance Events

Apr 30

Seminole State College is committed to utilizing a variety of committees to support effective planning and decision-making. Institutional committees shall provide support for strategic priorities and appropriate procedures for collegewide operations. All Seminole State staff members are eligible and encouraged to serve.

Current Guidelines and Members

Committee Resources

Committee Forms

The purpose and membership of each committee is described and listed in the institutional procedure that relates to each specific committee. The standing committees at Seminole State include:

ProcedureCommittee WebsiteAssessmentsMaterials*Committee ChairLiaison
1.0900.1Shared Governance CouncilShared Governance Council AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Dalia FoxKerri Smith
1.0900.4Council to Coordinate Standing CommitteesCouncil to Coordinate Standing AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Travis Suits----
1.0900.5CurriculumCurriculum AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Dianna CampbellLisa Valentino
1.0900.6Technology Advisory CommitteeTechnology Advisory AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Dick HamannMarisabel Irizarry
1.0900.9Technology Enhanced LearningTechnology Enhanced Learning AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Simone Nelson
Jeanne Diehl-Schaffer
Margaret Jenkins
1.0900.10LibraryLibrary AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Laura DickinsonKathryn Rivera
1.0900.14Employee BenefitsEmployee Benefits AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Katherine Henry
Albert Miranda
1.0900.18Environmental Health, Safety and SecurityEnvironmental Health, Safety and Security AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Miguel SierraTravis Suits
1.0900.19Academic CalendarAcademic Calendar AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Barbara Rodriguez-LamasJenny Brown
1.0900.20Employee ExcellenceEmployee Excellence AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Sal Navarro
Meagan Dickson
1.0900.21Sustainability CommitteeSustainability AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Grace Nasnas
Joan Kaspin
Jessica Boevers
1.0900.22Speaker Series CommitteeSpeaker Series AssessmentAgendas
and Minutes
Lisa Valentino
Jan Lloyd-Lesley
Marisabel Irizarry
Seminole State Assessment Committee----Agendas and MinutesStephen Summers
Patrick Moskal
Patty Elliott
1.0900.3Equity CommitteeEquity Committee Assessment
and Minutes
Allison Walker
Vanessa Wynn
Baboucar Jobe
1.0901Planning and Budgeting Process *
* The Planning and Budgeting Process Committee was disbanded May 2020. The minutes and agendas are provided for historical reference.
and Minutes

*Agendas/Minutes may be posted to this Web page via a Web Support service request.