Career Degrees (A.S.)

An Associate in Science (A.S.) degree prepares graduates for immediate entry into a career. According to state data, most Seminole State A.S. programs have placement rates above 90 percent.*

Additionally, most A.S. graduates earn credits that can be applied to a bachelor's degree at Seminole State or at the University of Central Florida through DirectConnect to UCF® **.

Seminole State offers Associate in Science (A.S.) degrees in the following career pathways:

  • Arts, Humanities, Communication and Design
  • Business
  • Education
  • Health Sciences
  • Industry, Manufacturing and Construction
  • Public Safety
  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Want to Learn More?

For a complete list of the College's degrees, programs and certificates, view all of our academic programs in the College Catalog.

*Based on prior-year graduates who were confirmed to be working in degree-related fields, continuing their education or serving in the military.

**A.S. students who are planning to transfer to bachelor's degree programs should meet with a counselor, advisor or specialist to make sure the required courses are taken and the entry requirements are met.