First Generation Program

Welcome! The First Generation "First Gen" Program is dedicated to supporting incoming first-time-in-college, first-generation students at Seminole State College of Florida.

If neither of your parents graduated with their bachelor's degree, YOU are a first generation student. 

What does "first generation" mean?

The First Generation Program’s professional staff works closely with first-time-in-college, first generation students pursuing the A.A. degree. Our staff assists students with orienting to Seminole State, preparing them to have a smooth transition into college and into their second year.

For transfer and A.S. degree-seeking students,  we invite first-gen students to stay connected through events and workshops on such topics as getting connected, finding scholarships, addressing mental well-being, and more. We partner often with HOPE Scholars, Campus Life, and the Career Center to support first-gen students in being successful and transitioning to their next step in reaching their goal of a bachelor’s degree.

Our mission is to provide first-generation, first-time-in-college students with the support and skills needed to be successful in college and complete a degree by offering comprehensive support services, resources, and student programs and activities.

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Specialized Programs

Services Offered

Center for First-Generation Student Success First-Gen Forward Institution
  • Personalized academic advising and coaching, including:
    • Advisement for students seeking the A.A. degree 
    • Identification of goals and determining personal strengths
    • Development of an educational pathway for transferring
  • Financial aid assistance and scholarship information
  • Regular communications and invitations to attend free campus events and workshops 
  • Referrals to appropriate resources
  • Comprehensive support while attending Seminole State College

Advising Appointments

To schedule an advising appointment, visit our First Generation Advising Calendar.

To reach your advisors via e-mail, please contact First Generation Program or send a message through the First Generation Canvas course.

Foster Care Youth & Unaccompanied Homeless Youth

The Director of Holistic Student Support serves as the foster care youth and unaccompanied homeless youth liaison for the College. For questions about your tuition waiver or support services, contact Mercedes Bermejo at


First Generation Program