Technology Enhanced Learning Committee (Procedure 1.0900.9)

Authority: College Policy 1.020
Date Adopted: 2/07
Date of Review: 05/09; 8/11; 03/12; 03/17
Date of Revision: 01/13; 03/17
Related Policy: 1.020


The purpose of the committee is to consider issues and make recommendations regarding existing and emerging technologies and the implications for teaching and learning.


  1. Committee Responsibilities
    1. Assist in defining the campus pedagogical focus and strategies regarding the use of educational technologies to improve teaching and student learning
    2. Develop an effective and responsive model for providing support to faculty who would like to incorporate educational technology into their teaching
    3. Explore emerging technologies and assess the usefulness of hardware and software tools to facilitate instruction in all teaching modalities
    4. Ensure that technology is being used as an enabling force, directly complementing the academic enterprise
    5. Serve as consultants to the college concerning decisions related to the use of educational technologies and the impact those decisions might have on academic users (faculty, students, staff)
    6. Facilitate mentoring and professional development opportunities for faculty teaching in distance learning modalities and/or using technology in the traditional classroom
    7. Make recommendations concerning policies and procedures related to teaching with technology
    8. Serve as a source of communication across the College regarding concerns and/or interest in educational technologies
    9. Assist in developing quality improvement and quality assurance strategies for on-ling teaching and learning
    10. Assist by initiating and assessing support services for on-line learners
  2. Membership
    Except where membership is defined by position title, members shall serve three- year, staggered terms. This is a college-wide committee and, as such, the committee must include at least one member from each campus. Membership on the committee shall consist of the following:
    1. Associate Vice President of Academic Services
    2. Vice President for Information Technology and Resources
    3. A Librarian
    4. Dean, eLearning
    5. Ten (10) faculty members representing areas and campuses (one to be a Faculty Senate member):
      1. Academic Foundations
      2. Arts and Sciences
      3. Business, Health, and Public Safety
    6. One representative from Student Affairs
    7. One professional staff member (includes professional staff, grades P01-P07, and technical staff, grades T01 – T06)
    8. One career service staff member
  3. Selection of Chair
    The chair of the committee shall be selected from the membership.
  4. Liaison Vice President
    The committee chair shall forward the annual self-assessment and recommendations of the committee through the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Vice President for Information Technology and Resources.
  5. Meeting Requirements
    The committee shall meet on a regular basis at least two times per academic year.
  6. Additional Guidelines
    1. The committee will work in conjunction with the Technology Advisory Committee during the year to ensure collaboration and support of like initiatives.
    2. Minutes of each meeting shall be recorded and posted to the Standing Committee website.
    3. The committee and members will operate in accordance with Procedure 1.0900 Standing Institutional Committees.               


Any other College rule(s) which reference(s) the rule noticed herein shall be interpreted and enforced consistent with the new / revised rule upon its final adoption (unless otherwise indicated in the referencing rule(s)).

Recommended by Executive Team Date 03/21/2017
Signed by President E. Ann McGee Date 03/30/2017

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