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2020-2021 Fee Schedule

The Florida State Legislature and the Seminole State District Board of Trustees annually establish required fees. The following information on tuition and fees is presented as a guide for estimating the cost of attending Seminole State College. Fee increases will be publicly noticed as required by FL Statute 1009.23(20).

Fee schedule for 2020-2021

 Florida Resident Fees
(per credit or credit equivalent)
Non-Florida Resident Fees
(per credit or credit equivalent)
College Credit Fees (per credit hour)
Nonresident Fee$0.00$236.69
Financial Aid Fee$3.00$14.84
Student Activity Fee$7.88$7.88
Capital Improvement Fee$9.48$26.60
Technology Fee$3.94$15.78
ID Card Fee$0.30$0.30
Total Credit Hour Rate
Post-Secondary Adult Vocational Credit (per credit equivalent)
Nonresident Fee$0.00$209.70
Financial Aid Fee$6.90$27.90
Capital Improvement Fee$3.30$13.80
Technology Fee$3.30$13.80
ID Card Fee$0.30$0.30
Total Per Credit Hour$83.70$335.40
Total Per Contact Hour Rate$2.79$11.18
Baccalaureate Fees (per credit hour)
Nonresident Fee$0.00$262.26
Financial Aid Fee$4.37$17.48
Student Activity Fee$8.74$8.74
Capital Improvement Fee$10.34$26.60
Technology Fee$4.37$17.48
ID Card Fee$0.30$0.30
Total Credit Hour Rate$119.91$424.65
Academic Foundation Fees (per credit equivalent)
Tuition (Per Term)$30.00$30.00
Note: One credit equivalent is equal to 30 contact hours.
Laboratory Fee Range
Other Fees Which May Be Assessed At The Time Of Registration
Distance Learning Fee$8.85 (Per Credit Hour)
Dishonored Check Service Charge$25.00
International Student Fee$50.00
Foreign Exchange Student Processing Fee$150.00
Foreign Credential Evaluation Fee$175.00
Student ID Card Replacement Fee$10.00
Transcript Fee$5.25
Degree Verification Fee$4.00
Replacement Diploma Fee$20.00
Parking Fine$10.00
Arts and Sciences Courses$5-$150
Career Programs Courses$.22-$650
Non Credit Courses$.88-$800

Fees are subject to change without notice.