For Spring Term 2022, we are offering in-person, hybrid, remote and online courses.  
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Traditional face-to-face classes held on campus on set days and times. Currently, masks/cloth face coverings and other precautions are strongly recommended.

2021-2022 Fee Schedule

The Florida State Legislature and the Seminole State District Board of Trustees annually establish required fees. The following information on tuition and fees is presented as a guide for estimating the cost of attending Seminole State College. Fee increases will be publicly noticed as required by FL Statute 1009.23(20).

Fee schedule for 2021-2022

Florida Resident Fees
(per credit or credit equivalent)
Non-Florida Resident Fees (per credit or credit equivalent)
College Credit Fees (per credit hour)
Nonresident Fee$0.00$236.69
Financial Aid Fee$3.00$14.84
Student Activity Fee$7.88$7.88
Capital Improvement Fee$9.48$26.60
Technology Fee$3.94$15.78
ID Card Fee$0.30$0.30
Total Credit Hour Rate$104.38$381.87
Career Certificate Fees previously PSAV (per credit equivalent)
Nonresident Fee$0.00$209.70
Financial Aid Fee$6.90$27.90
Capital Improvement Fee$3.30$13.80
Technology Fee$3.30$13.80
ID Card Fee$0.30$0.30
Total Per Credit Hour$83.70$335.40
Total Per Contact Hour$2.79$11.18
Note: One credit equivalent is equal to 30 contact hours.
Baccalaureate Fees (per credit hour)
Nonresident Fee$0.00$262.26
Financial Aid Fee$4.37$17.48
Student Activity Fee$8.74$8.74
Capital Improvement Fee$10.34$26.60
Technology Fee$4.37$17.48
ID Card Fee$0.30$0.30
Total Credit Hour Rate
Academic Foundation Fees (per credit equivalent)
Tuition (Per Term)$30.00$30.00
English Language Institute Fees
Tuition (Per Hour/Per Term)
$10.00 per hour/
$2,800 .00 per term
$10.00 per hour/
$2,800 .00 per term
Laboratory Fee Range
Other Fees Which May Be Assessed At The Time of Registration
Distance Learning Fee
$8.85 (Per Credit Hour)
Dishonored Check Service Charge
International Student Fee
Foreign Exchange Student Processing Fee
Student ID Card Replacement Fee
Transcript Fee
Degree Verification Fee
Replacement Diploma Fee
Parking Fine
Arts and Sciences Courses
Career Program Courses
Non Credit Courses
Fees are subject to change without notice.