Dual Enrollment

Now Accepting Applications for Summer 2023


The Dual Enrollment Program allows qualified students to take college classes and earn credit toward high school and an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree, Associate in Science (A.S.) degree or a career certificate at the same time.

The Dual Enrollment Program is governed by Florida Statute, the Florida Department of Education and an articulation agreement between Seminole County schools or a private school and Seminole State College. Please see the Florida Department of Education Dual Enrollment FAQ document for more detailed information.

Through this program, students can experience the challenge of college-level courses while they are still in high school.

Dual Enrollment Paths

Seminole State offers two dual enrollment paths:

  • General Education Path
    • Fulfills General Education courses toward an Associate in Arts (A.A.) degree.
    • The A.A. degree is guaranteed to transfer to any Florida public institution and complete the General Education requirements of that institution.
    • A cumulative, unweighted high school GPA of 3.0 is required for this program.
  • Career Path
    • Fulfills credit toward an Associate in Science (A.S.) degree or career certificate that may lead into an A.S. degree in select programs such as Criminal Justice, Computers, and Business. 
    • Students may enroll in Career Dual Enrollment with a 2.5 cumulative, unweighted high school GPA. However, if the A.S. program requires General Education courses, students must have a 3.0 GPA to take those courses.

Visit our "Future Students" for more information and to apply to the Dual Enrollment program. 

Honors Option

Dual Enrollment students may also eligible to apply for the Grindle Honors Institute at Seminole State College. 

The benefits of the Honors Institute include:

  • An Honors diploma or certificate
  • Smaller, engaging, innovated courses
  • Graduation recognition and more

More information can be found on the Honors Institute website.

Dual Enrollment Articulation Agreements

For additional information regarding the college's Articulation Agreements, please visit Seminole State's Course and Curriculum Development website.


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