Steps to Enroll

Whether you're a new college student, a transfer or visiting student, or a student interested in one of our bachelor's degrees, Seminole State makes it easy to apply and enroll! Just find your admit type below and follow the steps. If you have any questions please contact the Admissions Office at 407.708.2050.

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Bachelor's Degree Student

A bachelor's degree student is someone who has already earned a two-year associate degree from a regionally-accredited school and is now wanting to complete two more years and earn a bachelor's degree. Please review the bachelor's degree admissions requirements.

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First-Time-In-College Student

A first-time-in-college student has earned a high school diploma or equivalent and has never attended college before (even if you were previously a dual enrollment student, you fall in this category too!)  

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Transfer Student

A transfer student is a student who has taken courses at other colleges or universities and wants to transfer to one of Seminole State's programs. Recent high school graduates who took dual enrollment classes are not transfer students. 

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Career/Technical Student

A career/technical student is a student who is interested in one of Seminole State's career and technical programs and certificates.

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Re-Admit Student

A re-admit student is someone who previously attended Seminole State but has not enrolled for three or more consecutive semesters (one full year).

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Other (Transient, Non-degree-seeking, Early College Student)

If none of the above categories describes your admit type, you may be a transient, non-degree-seeking or early college/dual enrollment student.

Transient Student

  • A student who is currently attending another college or university but is taking class(es) at Seminole State temporarily. For example: A university student may attend classes at Seminole State in the summer and then return to his/her university in the fall.

Non-Degree-Seeking Student

  • A student who has earned a high school diploma or equivalent, an associate or bachelor’s degree and wishes to take additional college courses but is not seeking a degree. Note: Under this admit type if your highest degree is high school, you are not eligible to enroll in college-level English or math or take classes that require English or math prerequisites. 

Early College/Dual Enrollment Student

  • High school students interested in Seminole State's Early College/Dual Enrollment program must apply through their high school guidance counselor.