Assessment and Testing

The Assessment and Testing Center at Seminole State College provides students, faculty and the community with professional, secure and quality testing services to ensure that all individuals have the opportunity to meet their quest for academic and professional fulfillment. We adhere to the National College Testing Association (NCTA) Professional Standards and Guidelines.

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Testing Services

Academic Testing: Limited testing is available. Arrangements must be made with the instructor and the Assessment & Testing Department to take the exam at one of Seminole State's Testing Centers.  

Professional Certification & Licensing: Seminole State's Professional Testing and Certification Center offers many professional certification and licensing tests to help students meet their career objectives.

Proficiency Exams: Students can test out of certain courses and still earn college credit through a process called "credit by examination". These tests can help determine students' competency in course content.

Placement Testing: Program-specific placement tests allow Seminole State to evaluate students' skills so they can be placed in the course levels that best meet their educational needs.

Entry & Exit Exams: Students wishing to enter certain limited access programs are required to take mandated exams before they can enter or exit,  and/or earn a degree, certificate or license.

Common Tests

Additional Info

Required tests are determined by the specific program a student wishes to complete. There are several ways to know which test(s) you must take:

  • Speak with a student success specialist, advisor or counselor about Seminole State's programs and requirements.
  • Speak with a program instructor or the exam's controlling organization.

What Should I Bring on the Day of the Test?

Prior to taking any examination,

  • You will need to present a current, valid and original photo ID with a signature(e.g., passport, driver’s license or state-issued ID card).
    • Digital Identification is not permissible.
  • If your photo ID does not include a signature, a second ID is required with your name and signature (e.g., Social Security card, credit card or debit card).

Children under the age of 18 must be supervised on campus. This includes, but is not limited to, times when parents or others responsible for the child’s care engage in academic activities or College business. Seminole State College does not provide child care services of any type.

 “Child(ren)” - Individuals under the age of 18 who are not enrolled at the College or attending an activity that reasonably allows for their involvement.

Individuals receiving College services may be refused service if accompanied by a child who will be left unattended during the time the individual is receiving services (including, but not limited to, testing or counseling.)

The College assumes no responsibility for the care or supervision of children on Campus.

Limited seating is available in the lobby; guests are encouraged to wait outside of the Testing Center. 


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