Technology Advisory Committee (Procedure 1.0900.6)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statutes: College Policy 1.020
Effective Date: 2/07; 01/2013; 11/2015
Date of Review: 05/09; 08/11; 03/2012; 11/2015


The purpose of the Technology Advisory Committee is to serve in an advisory capacity in considering issues surrounding existing and emerging technologies, and the implications for teaching, learning, support services, and management. Its purpose is to ensure that information technology (IT) initiatives are prioritized appropriately and that the respective needs of the various units have been considered. The Technology Advisory Committee will promote and actively oversee the creation of a technologically unified college through achievement of the following responsibilities.


  1. The committee will:
    1. Prioritize and recommend collegewide IT expenditures outside normal departmental budgets
    2. Work with college constituency to evaluate and recommend emerging technologies as they are introduced in the market place
    3. Review, develop and recommend overall policies for acceptable use of technology
    4. Develop, review and update the College Technology Plan
    5. Encourage and participate in a plan of assessment
    6. Advocate for the ethical use of information technologies
    7. Improve communication and collaboration using information technologies
    8. Foster active partnerships with stake holders in the field of information technologies
  2. Membership of the committee shall consist of the following and represent all Campuses/Centers of the College:
    1. Vice President for Information Technology and Resources
    2. One Academic Associate Vice President (AVP) or Dean
    3. Director, College Libraries
    4. One CTS Director
    5. Director, Facilities or designee
    6. An Associate Dean or Director from one of the following: Academic Foundations, Arts and Sciences, Career and Professional Programs
    7. One faculty member from each of the following areas (at least one to be a Faculty Senate member)
      1. Academic Foundations
      2. Arts and Sciences
      3. Engineering, Design, and Construction
      4. Career and Professional Programs
    8. One representative from Student Affairs
    9. One career service staff member
    10. One student recommended by the Student Government Association (SGA)
  3. The chair of the committee shall be selected from the membership.
  4. The chair will have the responsibility to forward the committee’s annual assessment to the liaison Vice President.
  5. Except where membership is defined by position title, members shall serve three-year, staggered terms.
  6. The committee shall meet at least two times each year. Minutes of each meeting shall be recorded and posted to the Seminole State College Standing Committee webpage in accordance with Procedure 1.0900.
  7. The committee will work in conjunction with the Technology Enhanced Learning Committee during the year to ensure collaboration and support of like initiatives.
  8. Recommendations of the committee for improvement and change will be made through the Vice President for Information Technology and Resources.
Recommended by Executive Team Date 11/17/2015
Approved: President, E. Ann McGee Date 11/20/2015

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