Speaker Series Committee (Procedure 1.0900.22)


The purpose of the Speaker Series Committee is to organize a series of prominent guest lectures and receptions with the mission of providing the College and greater communities access to distinguished speakers that advance student learning, cultivate student engagement and foster academic excellence and community enrichment. The committee provides for broad faculty and staff participation, community-minded engagement, and shared governance throughout the College by selecting and hosting prominent, distinguished speakers and promoting the events in the community.


  1. Committee Responsibilities
    1. Identify and recommend prominent speakers for a series of guest lectures aligned with the College’s mission and strategic plan.
    2. Facilitate and promote at least one event per each major academic term as budget permits.
    3. Promote communication about each event within the College and to the external community.
    4. Maintain and update a list of potential speakers and agencies for review each year. 
  2. Membership on the committee shall consist of the following:
    1. Associate Vice President, Academic Services (Co-Chair)
    2. Associate Vice President, Student Development (Co-Chair)
    3. Six faculty members, as follows:
      1. Three faculty from School of Arts & Sciences
      2. One faculty from School of Business, Health & Public Safety
      3. One faculty from School of Construction, Design, Engineering and Information Technologies
      4. One at large faculty member
    4. One Librarian
    5. One Professional Level Employee (includes professional staff and technical staff)
    6. Director, Grindle Honors Institute
    7. Director, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning
    8. One Career Service employee
    9. Director, Student Life
    10. Two students 
    11. Manager, PR and Media Relations (ex-officio)
    12. Events Coordinator (ex-officio)
    13. Foundation Representative
  1. The AVP, Academic Services and AVP, Student Development shall serve as co-chairs of the committee.
  2. The committee chairs shall forward the recommendations of the committee to the Executive Team through the Vice Presidents of Academic and Student Affairs.
  3. The committee shall meet on a regular basis at least two times per academic year.
  4. The committee and members will operate in accordance with Procedure 1.0900 Standing Institutional Committees.
  5. Programs and speakers selected through the committee shall comply with Florida law regarding speech on campus in accordance with section 1004.097, Florida Statutes, and section 1004.06, Florida Statutes, regarding prohibited programs and activities.

Rulemaking Authority and Law(s) Implemented: Florida Statute 1001.64; 1001.65; Related Policies: 1.020

History - Adopted 07/2018; Amended 03/25/2021; 05/13/2024

Signed by:              Date: May 13, 2024