Academic Calendar Committee (Procedure 1.0900.19)

Based on board policy number and Florida Statutes: F.S. 1001.64 ; FAC 6A-10.019; 6A-14.0261; College Policy 1.020
Effective Date: 04/2013; 11/2014; 06/2015
Date of Review: 10/2014; 06/2015


The Academic Calendar Committee is responsible for developing the College’s Academic Calendar that, subsequently, must be presented to and approved by the Board of Trustees prior to the beginning of each fiscal year. The calendar shall be observed by the College and an official copy shall be filed with the Department of Education.


  1. The membership of the committee shall consist of the following:
    1. Vice President, Student Affairs
    2. An Associate Vice President from Academic Affairs
    3. Director, Records and Registration/Registrar
    4. Director, Curriculum, Articulation and Academic Scheduling
    5. Associate Director, Payroll Services
    6. Associate Director, Student Accounting/Bursar
    7. Manager, Human Resources Records and Reporting
    8. Manager, Academic Scheduling
    9. Four faculty members representative of the School of Arts and Sciences, School of Career and Professional Programs, School of Academic Foundations, School of Engineering, Design, and Construction. At least one faculty member will be a member of the Faculty Senate.
    10. Director, Student Financial Resources
  2. The Director, Records and Registration/Registrar shall chair the committee.
  3. An orientation session to educate the committee members will be conducted each year regarding:
    1. the role of the committee;
    2. the calendar development process;
    3. relevant Florida Statutes and Florida Administrative Code rules;
    4. faculty contract days including duty days, planning, etc.;
    5. equal number of scheduled meeting days for all classes, i.e. fifteen (15) Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday meeting dates during a full term;
    6. dates of breaks, holidays, events (graduation, etc.);
    7. payroll dates;
    8. time required for processing grades;
    9. dates of the College’s Summer four-day work week schedule;
    10. other considerations brought to the committee’s attention.
  4. The chair will be responsible for forwarding the committee's annual assessment (per Procedure 1.0900) and an annual report on the activities of the Academic Calendar Committee to the Vice President of Student Affairs and to the Associate Vice President of Institutional Effectiveness and Research by June 30 of each year.
    1. The assessment will be forwarded to the appropriate vice president for review. Vice President of Student Affairs will follow up on assessment recommendations as appropriate.
    2. Changes in procedure resulting from end of year assessments are to be made and posted within 60 days following receipt of the report.
  5. Except where membership is defined by job title or another term length is noted, all faculty and staff members serve three-year terms that are staggered with appointments being made each year for the following three years. For purposes of committee assignment, the year begins on the first day of the Fall Term and runs through the last day of Summer Term. Members may be re-appointed to serve more than one term. Except where specifically noted, only fulltime faculty and staff members of the College are eligible for appointment on standing committees.
  6. The committee shall meet on a regular basis, but no less than two times a year. Meetings may be face to face, via e-mail, by conference call or by other electronic/digital means.
  7. A quorum shall exist when a majority of voting members, including proxy votes, are present. A member unable to attend a meeting may either send their proxy, in writing, with a committee member who will be attending the meeting or may vote via e-mail to the chairperson on a known issue.
  8. During the meeting, voting shall be by voice unless a written ballot is requested by any member of the committee.
  9. Attendance at committee meetings and participation in electronic communication is required. After a committee member has missed two meetings, the committee may request that the absent member be replaced. The CTAC committee chair will recommend a temporary replacement from the current year list of preferences for any non-participating members or those who have resigned.
  10. Meeting minutes will be posted to the College’s Standing Committee Web page
    1. The recorder of the minutes will be determined by each committee.
    2. The recorder is responsible for posting minutes to the Web.
Recommended by Executive Team Date: 06/2015
Approved President, E. Ann McGee Date: 06/2015

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