Shared Governance Council

Council Information

The Shared Governance Implementation Team was established Spring 2017 to continue the work of the previous Shared Governance teams that were formed as part of the Great Colleges Initiative. The Shared Governance Implementation Team developed in the Shared Governance Committee and now is the Shared Governance Council.  Shared Governance participates in the College Advisory Council and coordinates the Annual Summit for Standing Committees with the Council to Coordinate Standing Committees.

Council Members

J. Paul Carland - Ex-Officio
Legal Affairs
Sanford/Lake Mary
Dalia Fox (Chair)
Academic Advising & CounselingSanford/Lake Mary
Lauri Schoneck
ABE/GED Instructor
Sanford/Lake Mary
Yaritzel Ramirez
StudentAltamonte Springs
Michele Cuomo
Studio Art
Sanford/Lake Mary
Cynthia Pike
Altamonte Springs
Geoffrey Fortunato
Student Services
Sanford/Lake Mary
Briyanna Jenkins
Student Conduct
Sanford/Lake Mary
Caroline WalkoverAcademic Advising & Counseling
Sanford/Lake Mary
Michele WallaceCenter for English Language Studies
Lee Campus at Oviedo
Billy B WilliamsonCenter for Fine & Performing ArtsSanford/Lake Mary
Portia Hahn
Medical Coding and Transcription
Altamonte Springs
Saba Akram-Scales
Academic Advising and Counseling
Lee Campus at Oviedo