Sustainability Committee (Procedure 1.0900.21)

Authority:F.S. 1001.64
Date Adopted:03/18
Date of Review:03/21; 02/23; 08/23
Related Policies:1.020


The purpose of the Sustainability Committee is to provide leadership in advancing College-wide efforts toward sustainability by discussing strategies and providing recommendations. These recommendations will focus on actions that have a positive impact on the College community by using economic and environmental resources efficiently, and educating students, faculty, and staff on College sustainability practices.


Sustainability refers to the long-term viability of behaviors, products and processes within both their local and global contexts. Sustainable practices take account of interactions between the built environment and the natural environment and assess responsibly the social, economic and environmental impacts of organizational decisions.


  1. Committee Responsibilities
    1. Develop and review a responsible College sustainability plan for its built and natural resources. Recommend revisions for approval by College leadership as needed.
    2. Facilitate and promote College sustainability plan practices.
    3. Maintain and update a single, centralized online presence for information regarding College sustainability practices.
    4. Review processes and practices; make recommendations for improvements.
    5. Collaborate with the College community to achieve the goals and action items of the committee.
  2. Membership on the committee shall consist of the following:
    1. Executive Director Facilities Management
    2. Campus Dean (or designee)
    3. One faculty member from each of the following areas:
      1. Arts and Sciences
      2. Business, Health, and Public Safety
      3. Construction, Design, Engineering and Information Technologies
      4. At large faculty member
    4. Two students
    5. Two career service employees
    6. Two professional employees (includes professional staff and technical staff)
    7. Associate Vice President, Organizational Culture & Strategy/Title IX Coordinator or designee (ex-officio, non-voting)
    8. Manager, Facilities Energy & Sustainability (ex-officio, non-voting)
    9. Manager, Risk Assessment, Environmental Health, Safety & Compliance (ex-officio, non-voting)
    10. Vice President, Marketing & Strategic Communications (or designee) (ex officio, non-voting)
  3. The chair of the committee shall be elected by the committee membership.
  4. The committee chair shall forward the recommendations of the committee to the Vice President, Business Operations and Chief Financial Officer.
  5. The committee shall meet on a regular basis, at least two times per year.
  6. The committee and members will operate in accordance with Procedure 1.0900. 
Recommended by:Executive Team/CACDate08/22/2023
Signed by:President, Georgia L. LorenzDate08/29/2023


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