Student Life Activities

Student Life welcomes all Seminole State students interested in getting involved in student activities. We offer a variety of different ways to make the most out of your college experience by taking part in activities on campus. Students who come to events can further enhance their college experiences by getting involved and helping to organize events. Doing so allows students the opportunity to gain valuable career experience in marketing, event planning, higher education, finance, public relations, social media, graphic design and much more!

The Student Government Association (SGA)

SGA organizes events and activities that provide students with information regarding issues that affect students and the College. Check out the upcoming SGA-sponsored events on your campus:

The Campus Activities Team (C.A.T.)

C.A.T. is a group of student leaders dedicated to making the college experience for all Seminole State students engaging, memorable and fun. There is a Campus Activities Team on each campus. C.A.T. plans events such as the Club Fair and Diversity Fair, and hires entertainers for students' enjoyment. View upcoming C.A.T.-sponsored events on your campus:

Clubs and organizations

Clubs and organizations play a crucial role in the development of students' skills and abilities. Membership in clubs and organizations provides students with opportunities to develop much-needed professional and personal skills. Clubs and organizations are responsible for programing a wide variety of activities throughout the academic year.

Campuswide programming

Campuswide programming takes place across all Seminole State College campuses. Student Life organizes a variety of activities that cover a wide array of interests and topics: cultural, educational, historical and more.

To view Student Life events on all four campuses, log into RaiderConnect.

Campus Activities Team Advisors


Sharon Camps
Office: SC-270