Committee Guidelines

  • The persons with an asterisk next to their names on each committee list are responsible for convening the first meeting within the month. As soon as chairs are elected, their names are forwarded to the President's Office and the administrator to whom the committee reports.
  • Student committee members are identified on the committee roster. Their contact information will be forwarded to the person who convenes the meeting by the chair of the Committee to Appoint Committees.
  • All committee members should become familiar with the standing committee website and review the procedure on committees (1.0900), as well as their specific committee's procedures, to understand fully what is expected of them. Committees should meet a minimum of twice each term or in accordance with their specific procedures. Copies of committees' minutes should be posted on the committee website via a TIM WebSupport requestand sent to the administrator to whom the committee reports.
  • By June 30 of each year, each committee chair should provide the administrator to whom the committee reports with the annual assessment of committee activity on the designated annual assessment form. Include any action items that are being recommended to be brought forward for the next year. Additional standing committees or task forces may be recommended as a result of this annual assessment process, to be established as necessary.
  • Questions regarding the committee process should be directed to the Office of the Executive Vice President.


Kevin Jordan