Intramural and Recreational Sports

Summer Offerings

 During the Summer we will be hosting a number of events inside and around the Raider Center and Game Room! We will also be teaming up with the library for Nightbrary Game Nights all summer! You can find the full list of all events on Raider Connect. 

Students can join our Discord to take part in our virtual events as well. 

Discord is a platform designed to host gaming events using text and voice chats. Currently we are playing things like Minecraft, fighting games, first person shooters, sports games, online card games, some board games, and even Dungeons and Dragons.

To join the Discord you can follow this link: If you need any help joining the Discord Server you can email Geoffrey Nelson at

Seminole State College's Intramural and Recreational Sports Program is open to all currently enrolled students that have paid their Student Activity and Service Fee (SASF), as well as faculty and staff, regardless of the campus on which they work or take classes. The Intramural and Recreational Sports Department is committed to providing an opportunity for students to participate in a variety of team or individual sports.

National Intramural Recreational Sports Association Logo The Seminole State College Intramural and Recreational Sports Program is a proud member of the National Intramural Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA). 

7 reasons to get involved

  • You'll make friends
  • You'll relieve stress
  • All activities are free
  • Various skills levels and abilities can participate
  • You'll build leadership skills
  • It's great exercise
  • It's fun!

Get started today!

Contact us

The Intramural and Recreational Sports Office can be located:

  • Geoffrey Nelson, Coordinator, Intramural & Recreational Sports: Room H-120A in the Raider Center

Seminole State College of Florida's Intramural and Recreational Sports Program strives to promote an atmosphere of inclusiveness by hiring culturally competent staff members and providing facilities and programs that support all members of the Seminole State College community. Our expectation is that the Seminole State community will embrace an open-minded and respectful attitude toward personal and cultural differences.


Geoffrey Nelson
Intramural & Recreational Sports