Employee Excellence Committee

Who deserves Applause?

The College knows that team members often see the very best from each other, whether helping a student all the way through a complex situation or solving a technical problem to make the college run smoothly.  Tell us when your colleagues go above and beyond!

  • Physical Suggestion Boxes for employees without access to computers.

Employee Excellence Meetings

Visit the Employee Excellence Meetings webpage to view our Agendas and Meeting Minutes.

Spotlight on Seminole State Successes!

The College turns the spotlight on employee excellence several times a year and encourages everyone to join in and let us know about skilled and caring employees that are candidates for these awards.

Celebrations of Service!

  • Recognize employee milestones.
    • Service Recognitions (in five year increments)
    • Retiree recognitions

Onward and Upward: Building Your Career at the College

Establish mentorship opportunities; facilitate awareness of and access to career development.

Culture of Core Values

Advocate positive, community-minded engagement, and shared governance.

  • Official avenues for community engagement.
    • Heart of Florida United Way – campus committee.
    • American Heart Association – campus committee or team captain.
    • Blue and Gold campaign for Foundation for Seminole State – team captain.
  • Personal choices for engagement. The College encourages each employee to connect with the community in meaningful ways.
    • Hope Community Center
    • Employee Sports: First pitch of a game for selected employee.
    • Charities
  • Shared Governance