Environmental Health, Safety and Security Committee (Procedure 1.0900.18)

Authority:College Policy 1.020
Date Adopted:9/96
Date of Review:05/09; 08/11; 03/12; 03/17; 3/19; 08/23
Related Policy:1.020


The purpose of the Committee is to advise and assist the College administration in order to ensure the health, safety, and security of College students, employees, and visitors. The Environmental Health, Safety, and Security Committee serves to facilitate and encourage employee knowledge about safe work practices and accident prevention.


  1. Committee Responsibilities
    1. The primary role of the College Environmental Health, Safety, and Security Committee is to oversee all matters of health, safety, and security at the College.
    2. Review annually the following reports:

      1. State Requirements for Educational Facilities, Fire, Sanitation and Casualty Inspection Reports (SREF)
      2. Worker’s Compensation Report - Evaluate employee concerns regarding environmental health, safety, and security
      3. Annual Security Report (Clery)

    3. Identify risks to the safety, security, and environmental health and welfare of employees.
    4. Develop and promote programs for educating and informing employees about safe work practices and accident prevention.
    5. Provide recommendations to the College concerning safety, security, and environmental health of employees
    6. Review at least annually, update, publish, and distribute as necessary the Safety Management Manual, including:
      1. Adequate provision for easy egress in the event of fire or other emergencies

      2. Adequate provision for healthy and safe conditions in campus parking lots, grounds, and buildings.

      3. Adequate provision and use of safety equipment in laboratories and other hazardous areas.

      4. Adequate training of College personnel in safety procedures.

      5. Practices for assuring a safe environment is maintained in accordance with the Safety Management Manual.

      6. Recommendations regarding any of the above.

  2. Membership on the committee shall consist of the following:

    1. AVP or Dean from Academic Affairs
    2. Director, Campus Safety and Security
    3. Environmental Health and Safety Manager 
    4. Director of Facilities or designee
    5. Chair of Emergency Medical Service Team, or designee
    6. Dean of Allied Health or Dean of Nursing 
    7. A representative or laboratory manager from the science labs, knowledgeable about chemical storage and safety procedures 
    8. A career service employee 
    9. A professional employee (includes professional staff and technical staff)
    10. A faculty member 
    11. Associate Vice President, Organizational Culture & Strategy/Title IX or designee (ex-officio, non-voting)
    12. Manager, Risk Assessment and Compliance
    13. Two students 
  3. The Director of Campus Safety and Security will serve as committee chair.
  4. The committee chair shall forward the recommendations of the committee to the Vice President, Information Technology and Resources. 
  5. The committee shall meet at least two times per year to review College policies and procedures and to make recommendations to the Administration.
  6. The committee and members will operate in accordance with Procedure 1.0900.
Recommended by:Executive Team/CACDate08/22/2023
Signed by:President, Georgia L. LorenzDate08/30/2023