CASAS GOALS is an exam used to assess students' skills in math and reading. Your score on the assessment will not prohibit you from entering a specific program. CASAS GOALS scores tell Seminole State what your strengths and weaknesses are and allow us to help guide you to complete your program successfully.

Depending on your course of study, CASAS GOALS helps Seminole State decide:

  • If you can enter a non-credit program without reserve.
  • The program level at which you should be placed (beginner, intermediate or advanced).
  • If you need to use Seminole State's support services at the STAR Center.
  • If you need to temporarily delay beginning a program while you acquire skills in one or more areas.

You must meet your program's required scores in both sections of the CASAS GOALS test by the time you complete your coursework in order to earn a degree or diploma. Additionally, by taking the CASAS assessment, you meet state entry requirements for:

If you are entering a career program that requires acceptable CASAS scores and you meet certain other criteria, you may be able to request a TABE exemption. Check the back of the form for more information, or call the Testing Office at 407.708.2020.

Florida law requires you to pass all sections of the designated assessment to be:

  • Admitted without reserve (admitted without conditions) to the program of your choice. If you do not meet your program's requirements, you may still be able to begin the program under certain conditions.
  • Awarded a diploma or certificate of completion.

In most cases, you can still enter a non-credit program if you agree to use Seminole State's support services. To improve your knowledge and skills, you may be required to spend a certain number of hours each week in the College's STAR Center.

The STAR Center staff:

  • Uses materials from your course of study to help you improve your English, math and reading skills.
  • Helps you succeed in your course of study.
  • Prepares you to pass the CASAS GOALS.

If you are unsuccessful in one part of the CASAS GOALS, you are only required to retake that particular section of the exam. For example, if you pass reading but do not pass math, you only have to retake the math portion.

There are exceptions to this rule. Check with your Seminole State advisor or the Assessment and Testing Department for more information.

If you haven't completed CASAS GOALS, you can take it at Seminole State.

The CASAS is administered on a walk-in basis during Assessment & Testing business hours.  Choose your preferred testing location below.

For more information about the CASAS:

  • Speak with your Seminole State advisor.
  • Call the Assessment and Testing Center at 407.708.2020.

Examination Day Reminders

  • Prior to taking any examination, you will need to present a current, valid and original photo ID with a signature(e.g., passport, driver’s license or state-issued ID card).
    • Digital Identification is not permissible.
  • If your photo ID does not include a signature, a second ID is required with your name and signature (e.g., Social Security card, voter registration card, credit card or debit card).


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