If you are taking an exam that requires payment, testing fees must be paid by credit card, money order or check. Cash is not accepted.  

The DSST (DANTES Subject Standardized Tests) Exam is a nationally-recognized credit-by-examination program. With a DSST exam, students can:

  • Prove their competency in various college-level course materials
  • Earn college credit without taking a course (if the exam is passed)

DSST exams were originally designed for military veterans and reservists, but all students can utilize them. Students can take DSST exams for:

  • Business
  • Physical Science
  • Humanities
  • Social Science
  • Applied Technology

Credit is awarded in accordance with recommendations established by the statewide Articulation Coordinating Committee (ACC).

DSST (formerly DANTES) Testing Scores

DSST Exam Scoring Guide
 (Updated September 2023)
ExaminationScoreCredit HoursCourse Equivalent
A History of the Vietnam War4003AMH 1059: A History of Vietnam War
Art of the Western World4003ARH 1000: Art Appreciation
Astronomy4003AST 1002: Introduction to Astronomy
Business Ethics and Society4003GEB 1441: Business Ethics and Society
Business Math4003QMB 1001: Business Mathematics
Computing & Information Technology4003CGS 1060C: Introduction to Computers
Criminal Justice400 3CCJ 1000: Introduction to Private Security or
CCJ 1020: Introduction to Criminal Justice
Environmental Science (Formerly: Environment and Humanity) 4003EVR 2002: Environmental Systems IB or
ISC 2003: Sustainability: Concepts DSST
Ethics in America400 3PHI 1630: Contemporary Ethical Problems
Foundations of Education4003EDF 1002: Foundations of Education
Fundamentals of College Algebra   400 3MAC 1105: College Algebra
Fundamentals of Counseling4003PCO 1202: Foundations of Counseling
Fundamentals of Cyber Security4003CTS 1120: Introduction to Internetworking Security (Security+)
General Anthropology4003ANT 2000: General Anthropology
Here's to Your Health4003HSC 1100: Personal and Community Health
History of the Soviet Union4003EUH 1066: Rise and Fall of the Soviet Union
Human Resources Management4003MAN 2300: Human Resources Management
Human/Cultural Geography4003GEO 1400: Introduction to Human Geology
Introduction to Business4003GEB 1011: Introduction to Business 
Introduction to Law Enforcement4003CJE 1000: Introduction to Law Enforcement 
Introduction to World Religions4003REL 2300: Religions of the World 
Lifespan Developmental Psychology4003DEP 2004: Developmental Psychology 
Math for Liberal Arts4003MGF 1106: College Math 
Management Information Systems4003ISM 1000: Management Information Systems
Money and Banking4003BAN 1501: Money and Banking
Organizational Behavior4003INP 2002: Introduction to Industrial Psychology
Personal Finance4003FIN 2100: Personal Finance 
Principles of Advanced English4003ENC 1101: English 1
Principles of Finance4003FIN 1000: Principles of Finance
Principles of Physical Science I4003PSC 1341: Principles of Physical Science I
Principles of Public Speaking 4003SPC 1608: Speech Communication
Principles of Statistics 400 3STA 2023: Statistical Methods I
Principles of Supervision4003MNA 1345: Principles of Supervision
Substance Abuse4003HSC 1140: Substance Abuse
Technical Writing4003ENC 1210: Technical Writing
The Civil War and Reconstruction4003AMH 1056: The Civil War and Reconstruction

Additional Questions

You are responsible for ensuring that Seminole State has your DSST records.

  • DSST scores must be requested from DSST  and sent to the institution of your choice to be official. 
    • Learn more about the process of retrieving your scores at the DSST website.
  • Contact the Assessment and Testing Center at 407.708.2020.

Seminole State is a national DSST testing center. You can take the exam at the Assessment and Testing Center.

Yes. Current fees are:

  • Exam fee: $100* (payable to DSST)
  • The Seminole State administration fee is: $15.20*

* Prices are subject to change.

For more information about the DSST exam:

  • Speak with a Seminole State academic counselor at 407.708.2337.
  • Visit the DSST Website or call 877.471.9860.
  • Call the Professional Testing Center at 407.708.2020.

Examination Day Reminders

  • Prior to taking any examination, you will need to present a current, valid and original photo ID with a signature(e.g., passport, driver’s license or state-issued ID card).
    • Digital Identification is not permissible.
  • If your photo ID does not include a signature, a second ID is required with your name and signature (e.g., Social Security card, voter registration card, credit card or debit card).
  • If your exam requires payment, testing fees must be paid prior to sitting for the exam.
    •  Acceptable methods of payment include personal checks (must be preprinted with account holder's name and address), money orders, American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa debit/credit cards (cardholder must be present to sign for all credit card and debit card transactions).


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