As a new Seminole State student, you may be required or opt to take a placement test. If you do not have test scores on file, you may take the Postsecondary Education Readiness Test (PERT), which is used to assess your comprehension in reading, writing and mathemetics skills and determine your course placement. The test is offered at the Assessment and Testing Office on any Seminole State campus. PERT practice tests are available at the Department of Education's PERT page.

What Should I Do if I Haven't Taken the SAT?

If you have not taken the SAT, you can:

  • Register for the test on the SAT website.
  • Complete an SAT registration packet in any high school guidance office.
  • Take the ACT, ACCUPLACER or PERT exam instead. All of these exams meet the state of Florida's requirements for entering a college-credit program.

You must register for the SAT in advance. For exam dates and registration deadlines, visit the SAT website.

I've Already Taken the SAT.

You are responsible for ensuring that Seminole State receives your official SAT scores. To be valid, scores must be received directly from the test publisher in a sealed envelope or electronically. Please visit the SAT website to request a copy of your scores. Seminole State will not accept unofficial copies of your SAT scores or scores listed on your high school transcript.

If Seminole State does not receive your placement scores before your advisement appointment, you will be required to take the PERT.

  • If your placement scores arrive during the add/drop period, you may drop any English or mathematics courses you registered for based on your PERT results and replace them with courses based on the new scores (pending course availability).
  • If your placement scores arrive after the add/drop period but before the withdrawal deadline, you may withdraw from any English or mathematics courses you registered for based on your PERT results and use the new scores to enroll in courses for the subsequent term. Seminole State will not refund the cost of courses from which you withdraw.

If you have trouble locating and/or requesting your official SAT test scores:

  • Contact the facility where you took the test.
  • Speak with Seminole State's Admissions Office at 407.708.2050 for questions about obtaining your SAT records.
  • Visit the SAT website or call 866.756.7346.

The new SAT launched in March 2016.

Redesigned SAT
(since March 1, 2016)
Reading = 24ENC 1101
Math = 24MAT 1033
Math = 26.5MGF 1106, MGF 1107, STA 2023
Math = 27.5MAC 1105
  • The new Writing and Language requirement was implemented at Seminole State for the summer 2017 term. ENC 1101 placement for Redesigned SAT scores will require a minimum Reading Test score = 24 AND a minimum Writing and Language Test score = 25.

Use the table below for help interpreting your SAT scores. Test scores must be less than two years old to be valid.

 Redesigned SATSAT Result/Course Placement
Critical Reading23 or belowPERT required
24 or aboveENC 1101: English I*
Writing and Language24 or belowPERT required
25 or aboveENC 1101: English I*
MathematicsBelow 24PERT required
24 - 26MAT 1033: Intermediate Algebra or
MAT 1100: Mathematical Understanding and Applications or
26.5 - 27STA 2023: Statistics or
MGF 1106: College Mathematics or
MGF 1107: Liberal Arts Math or
27.5 or aboveMAC 1105: College Algebra or
MGF 1106: College Mathematics or
MGF 1107: Liberal Arts Math or
STA 2023: Statistics or

* ACCUPLACER or PERT exemption and subsequent enrollment in ENC 1101: English I requires college-level placement scores in all language-based subtests of the SAT.

What Should I Do if I Want to Improve My Test Scores?

Most people retake the SAT to improve their scores. If you are concerned about your scores, you may:

  • Retake the exam at an SAT testing center.
  • Replace your SAT scores with the PERT exam. The PERT exam meets the state's requirements for entering a college-credit program.


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