Classic Learning Test

The Classic Learning Test (CLT) is available as a placement option effective August 22, 2023.

The CLT assesses your skills in:

  • Grammar
  • Writing
  • Mathematics 
  • Verbal Reasoning

 As an incoming Seminole State student, you may be required or opt to take a placement test. 

What Should I Do if I Haven't Taken the CLT?

If you have not taken the CLT, you can:

  • Register in advance for the CLT
    • Be aware of CLT exam dates and registration deadlines
  • Take the ACT, SAT, ACCUPLACER or PERT  instead. These exams meet the state of Florida's requirements for entering a college-credit program.
    • ACCUPLACER and PERT are offered at the Assessment and Testing Center on a walk-in basis.

I've Already Taken the CLT

You are responsible for ensuring that Seminole State receives your official CLT scores. To be valid, scores must be received directly from the test publisher electronically. Please visit the CLT  Test Results Webpage to learn how to request your official test results.

Classic Learning Test

CLT Test Results: Course Placement
Sum of Verbal Reasoning and Grammar/Writing*37 or below**PERT Required
38 or above**ENC 1101: English I
Quantitative Reasoning15 or belowPERT Required
16 or above***MAT 1033: Intermediate Algebra or

MGF 1130: Mathematical Thinking, or

MGF 1131: Mathematics in Context, or

STA 2023: Statistical Methods I
19 or above***
Effective Fall Term 2024
MAC 1105: College Algebra or
MGF 1130: Mathematical Thinking or
MGF 1131: Mathematics in Context or
STA 2023: Statistical Methods I

Test scores must be less than two years old to be considered valid.

*Students must have both scores to be eligible for ENC 1101: English I.
**Score is the sum of the Verbal Reasoning and Grammar/Writing sections.
 ***Students who score 16 or above are eligible to take the Next-Generation ACCUPLACER- AAF


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