General Testing Policies

Before Your Exam

  • Arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time (if applicable)
    • Allow ample time for traffic and parking
    • Review our campus maps so you know where to go
  • Bring a copy of your exam registration ticket or confirmation (if applicable)
  • Bring a current, valid and original government issued photo ID 
    • e.g. driver's license, state issued ID card, passport, or military ID
    • Digital Identification is not permissible.

During Your Exam

Access to personal items, such as cellphones, bags, or study materials is not permitted during testing.  All personal itemsmust be stored in one of the provided lockers during testing. This includes hats and hooded clothing items, outerwear of any kind (jackets, pullovers, etc.), fitness trackers, and watches (analog, digital, smart, etc.).

Exemptions may be made for religious or medical apparel but may still be subject to examination before entering the testing area.

Headwear cannot be worn inside the testing room, though some exceptions apply. Please contact the Assessment & Testing Center prior to your exam to inquire regarding exceptions.  

Attention CLEP and TEAS examinees: CLEP and TEAS prohibit examinees from wearing headwear unless worn for religious reasons. If your headwear is not visible on your photo ID, the proctor cannot permit you to wear it into the testing room. We encourage you to contact the test sponsor directly with any concerns over their headwear policy.

The only materials permitted at the computer workstation while testing are:

  •  ID
  •  scratch paper
  • pencil
  • calculator (if applicable)

Unless otherwise noted in the test instructions:

  • Testing aids prohibited in the test room include (but are not limited to) phones, electronic or photographic devices, calculators, watches, books, notes, rulers, pens, dictionaries, food, candy/gum, and beverages.
  • All scratch paper must be returned to the proctor before leaving the test room.

You must have the Proctor's permission to leave the test room. Some exams, such as GED do not permit unscheduled breaks. 

  • Act with personal integrity and honesty
  • Treat fellow students, faculty and staff respectfully
  • Communicate and act in a way that does not provoke, harass, intimidate or harm another.
  • No Disruptive behavior is permitted and may be grounds for removal from the Testing Center

Visitors are not permitted in the vicinity of the test room during your scheduled exam.

Children are not allowed in the Testing Center.  Proper supervision of young children should be arranged off site prior to testing.

Children under the age of 18 must be supervised on campus. This includes, but is not limited to, times when parents or others responsible for the child’s care engage in academic activities or College business. Seminole State College does not provide child care services of any type.

The College assumes no responsibility for the care or supervision of children on Campus.

Assessment and Testing staff members are authorized to dismiss you from a test session for violation of any test center policies,  if you become ill, or in the event of an emergency. 

All test sessions at the Assessment and Testing Center are monitored and recorded.  By scheduling your exam at our test center, you consent to being videotaped and audio recorded during your test session.  

The testing environment may include the check-in area, hallway, and test rooms.  Both audio and video may be recorded.

The Testing Center maintains each recorded test session for a period of no more than 31 days after the test session and will use the recording for no other purpose than ensuring the proper administration of each test session.


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