Performance Appraisal Process

Seminole State College supports a formalized system of performance evaluation for all employees. The purpose of the evaluation is to provide feedback to employees about their work performance, assist employees in staff and professional development, identify employees' leadership qualities, and achieve the College's goals. The objectives of the formal evaluation are to:

  • Maintain or improve each employee's job satisfaction and morale by letting him/her know that the supervisor is interested in his/her job progress and personal development
  • Serve as a systematic guide for supervisors in planning further training and development for each employee
  • Assure formulation of a considered opinion of an employee's performance, and focus maximum attention on achievement of assigned duties
  • Assist in determining and recording special talents, skills and capabilities that might not otherwise be noticed or recognized
  • Assist in planning personnel moves and placements that will best utilize each employee's capabilities and benefit the College
  • Provide an opportunity for each employee to discuss job concerns and interests with his/her supervisor
  • Assemble substantiating data for use as a guide — although not necessarily the sole governing factor — for such purposes as wage adjustments, promotions, disciplinary action and termination

Performance Appraisals for Faculty

Use the following documents for the appraisal process.

Bargaining unit faculty use the Faculty Evaluation Tool located inside of SSAP.


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