Travel Reimbursement

Eligible for the following positions:

  • Faculty Positions
  • Administrative Positions
  • Professional Positions

Reimbursement Information

Section I

Travel reimbursement will be paid to applicants under the following circumstances:

  • The applicant was recruited through a nationwide search, and
  • The applicant is interviewed for a teaching faculty position, professional position, or an administrative position, and
  • When required, the applicant has participated in the telephone interview screening process, and
  • The applicant is traveling from a location that is more than 50 miles from the interview location, and
  • The applicant is not disqualified from consideration due to improper credentials, background/conviction check information, or other misrepresentation, and
  • The applicant completes an Applicant Travel Reimbursement Request form and mails the forms along with legible receipts to Human Resources within 60 days of the interview.

The College will not pay any interview expenses of an applicant who withdraws from the employment process, declines the offer of the position, or submits their request for reimbursement more than 60 days beyond the date of the interview. Bar tabs, hotel movie rentals, personal phone calls, tips and gratuities are not reimbursable by the College.

Section II

First On-site Interview Reimbursement:

Candidate Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

  • Candidates are responsible for making their own travel arrangements, unless other instructions are provided
  • Reimbursement is provided for the cost of the most economical, feasible modes of transportation 
  • Prior to an in-person interview, all candidates must have participated in a telephone interview when applicable
  • Hotel and airfare reimbursements are provided to candidates traveling more than 100 miles from the interview location
  • Seminole State College will pay up to $750 of the applicant’s eligible travel expenses to include:
    • Coach/economy airline ticket, booked at least 21 days in advance when possible 
    • We will pay for one checked bag
    • Lodging up to $100 per night, 2 night maximum
    • Compact size rental car for 2 days, and gas reimbursement up to $50
    • Per diem rate for meals, as defined in Florida Statute:
      • We do not require receipts for meals
      • Breakfast, $6 when travel begins before 6 a.m., and extends beyond 8 a.m.
      • Lunch, $11 when travel begins before noon and extends beyond 2 p.m.
      • Dinner, $19 when travel begins before 6 p.m. and extends beyond 8 p.m.
  • In lieu of airfare or rental car, a travel mileage allowance of $.445 per mile will be reimbursed, as defined by Florida Statute
  • Parking fees and applicable tolls
  • Please note: No other expenses will be covered other than those listed

Second and Subsequent On-Site Interviews:

Candidate Travel Reimbursement Guidelines

Please note: Travel reimbursement for the second and subsequent on-site interviews follow the same reimbursement schedule and will be paid to applicants in accordance with guidelines in Section I.

Section III

How to Request Reimbursement:

  • Applicants should complete the Applicant Travel Reimbursement Request and mail the forms, along with their receipts, to Human Resources (ATTN: Manager of Employment) as soon as possible following the on-site interview. Ensure separate receipts are submitted for hotel, car rental, airline expenses, etc. Reimbursement requests must be received within 60 days of the interview date.
  • Human Resources will complete the appropriate travel worksheets and forward the request to the Office of Finance and Budget for final processing and disbursement.


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