Professional Development Credits

What is Professional Development Credit (PDC)?

Professional development credit (PDC) is an internal College credit mechanism used to grant credit and track completion of employee professional training and development initiatives.

Who Is Required to Earn PDC?

  • For full-time Administrative and Professional staff: 180 clock hours of PDC is required within each rolling five-year reporting period of your employment.
  • For full-time and part-time Career Service staff: PDC is optional.
  • For part-time (adjunct) Faculty: PDC is optional.
  • For full-time Faculty: PDC is specified as per the bargaining agreement. See the Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning/Earning Professional Development Credit.

How are PDCs Earned?

PDC is earned by completing courses offered live or online through the Learning Connection, completing college courses, attending seminars and conferences, and various other learning activities approved by your supervisor. Qualified learning activities are aligned with the College’s mission and core values.

What Learning Activities Qualify for PDC?

Learning activities that qualify for PDC include those listed below. Qualified learning activities are aligned with the College’s mission and core values. Note: Your immediate supervisor has the final approval as to what qualifies for credit. It is recommended that employees gain their supervisor’s approval before registering for or starting any professional development initiatives. Unless otherwise noted, each one contact hour of professional development equates to one hour of PDC.

Examples of qualifying learning activities:

  • Attendance/presentation at conferences, workshops, or seminars
  • Professional travel study programs
  • Courses sponsored by industry or continuing professional education
  • Publishing in professional publications/journals
  • Service on national, state, or local boards/professional associations
  • Reading/research in the field
  • Coursework at an accredited college/university (Note: Each one hour of college credit equates to 30 hours of PDC).

How are PDCs Documented?

PDC is documented and entered into your PDC database account via three paths:

  1. When you attend a College-sponsored activity where attendance was captured via a roster/sign-in, the facilitating department will enter the PDC into the database on your behalf.
  2. When you complete an online course (e.g., Skillsoft or Canvas), the completion records are imported into the PDC database once each month on your behalf.
  3. When you complete a learning activity “outside” of the College (e.g., college courses, seminars, presentations, etc.) you need to request approval for the PDC from your supervisor (see the steps below). Note: For most learning activities, one hour of PDC is granted for one hour of learning activity contact time. However, for accredited college/university courses, each one hour of college credit is granted 30 hours of PDC.

Steps to request PDC

  • Log into the Seminole State Application Portal (SSAP)
  • From the left navigation, select Human Resources
  • Select Professional Development
  • Select Home
  • From the upper right, select Add New
  • For College Course credit, click on Credit Courses, click on Choose Type of PDC
    Note: For each one hour of college credit, 30 hours of PDC is granted. The system does this calculation automatically for you.
  • Complete the form and select Create and submit to send to your supervisor for approval.
  • For Other Learning Activity Credits, click on Learning Activity, then click on Choose Type of PDC
  • Complete the form and select Create and submit to send to your supervisor for approval.


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