Conducting the Appraisal Interview

The interview with the employee is the most important part of the appraisal process. The value of the appraisal is that it prepares you for the discussion. The following points may be helpful.

Be Prepared

This is essential. Have materials ready and have a clear idea of how you will approach the session.

Maintain a Positive Attitude

  • This is a communication meeting.  The discussion needs to be two-way.
  • This is not a “corrective” session – actual performance is the issue.  Negative performance needs to be addressed, but not emphasized.  Keep it positive, but also address and establish resolutions to problem areas.
  • As evaluator, you are responsible for helping your employees improve.  Anything you do to help your employees to improve will be of benefit to Seminole State and to the employee.  It will maintain your credibility in the eyes of your employees and, also, will be a source of satisfaction to yourself.

Seating Arrangements

Be natural. If the employee feels comfortable sitting across from your desk, that’s fine. If you are not comfortable with this, sitting side by side at a table may work as well.

Begin the Session

Maintain the employee’s self-esteem at all times during the session. An outline of the discussion will help both you and the employee keep to the subject.  Tell your employee the order in which you will proceed. For example, tell the employee that you will explain the process and what constitutes the different levels of performance, discuss each category, discuss the rating, discuss future goals, and address any concerns.

Follow Through

Proceed with the appraisal being sure you address all points and clarify all questions. Be prepared to discuss issues raised by the employee regarding his/her job, goals, and expectations.


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