Preparing the Written Evaluation

Writing the evaluation is hard work.  It requires undivided attention and serious consideration.  In an effort to assist you in this process, the following steps should be considered.

Do One Evaluation at a Time

Experience has shown it is best to appraise one employee’s performance completely prior to beginning another.  This requires self-discipline.  It is very tempting to move on to another when the evaluation becomes difficult.  If, however, you feel completely overwhelmed, then there may be some merit in setting it aide.

Be Organized

Make sure you have the tools for the job.

  1. Job description
  2. Accumulated relevant data (error reports, work samples, etc.)
  3. Other useful records, documentation of critical incidents, etc.

Review Each Responsibility on the Job Description

  1. Generally, how have they been handled?
  2. Has the employee met the objectives?
  3. What has the employee done (not done) to attain those objectives?
  4. What (if anything) needs to be done to help the individual improve performance?

Review Each Factor on the Evaluation

  1. Consider the employee’s performance as related to job responsibilities and evaluation categories.
  2. Write comments for each evaluation category.  Address specific, job-related activities and the employee’s accomplishments, strengths, and deficiencies in each category.
  3. If applicable, assign a rating level to each evaluation category.

Training and Development

Consider training and development plans for the employee. Be prepared to discuss how the employee can improve or prepare for future responsibilities.

Review the Evaluation

Check back over the ratings. Do they make sense to you?  Are they consistent with the overall appraisal? Have you supported your judgments with relevant data? Are you prepared to explain your ratings to the employee?  Will any of your comments surprise the employee?


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