Discussing Performance

  • One purpose of discussing performance with an employee is to provide the employee with an objective evaluation of his/her performance as compared to previously established goals and standards.
  • In those situations where the goals and standards have been met or exceeded, praise the employee for the good performance. When established goals and standards have not been met, enter into a future-oriented, problem-solving discussion with the employee.

Key Elements for Discussion

  • Both you and the employee must know the goals and standards for the job and have the same performance data.
  • The employee must have an opportunity to ask questions and provide input about the actual performance data.  Both you and the employee need to agree on the interpretation of this performance data and to discuss the differences between actual performance and established goals and standards.
  • You must evaluate the employee’s performance in each area of measurement.
  • Examination of causes and agreement on solutions are vital to the performance appraisal discussion.  This process enables both you and the employee to outline actions which must be taken to correct any existing problems.
  • You and the employee must agree on specific action to be taken by each of you which will enable the employee to improve performance in areas where he/she is experiencing difficulty.  You should be precise and clear in outlining actions to be taken.
  • Employee participation throughout the discussion contributes to a good performance appraisal.
    • The intent of the performance appraisal discussion is to examine all aspects of the employee’s job. This is a periodic examination of the requirements of the job, any problems that are being experienced in that job, and any actions which must be taken to overcome those problems.  This does not mean that you should save up day-to-day problems for discussion during the performance appraisal.  These day-to-day problems should be handled as they occur.

Note: Although you may discuss next year’s goals and standards in this meeting, it will probably take too much time and cover too much material for an effective discussion.  Schedule a goals/standards setting meeting soon after the appraisal so that the employee has well-defined performance targets for the coming year.


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