Adjunct Faculty Union Organizing

Be Informed

This website provides information about adjunct professor union organizing efforts at Seminole State College. We respect the rights of faculty to make a fully informed decision on whether a union is right for them based on the facts, and this website was created for that purpose. We encourage you to explore this website and stay engaged by using the Submit Your Questions feature.

Thank you for visiting. We look forward to continuing a direct dialogue with you — listening, reflecting, sharing viewpoints and making positive change.

Seminole State's Philosophy on Adjunct Unionization

Consistent with its values, we support the right of faculty to have their voices heard. Our preference is to maintain a direct working relationship with our adjunct faculty — without involvement from a third party that may not understand our College or our values — with the belief that it will empower us to build on the improvements that we have already made, and to continue to respond quickly to the needs of this dynamic employee group. This collaborative working relationship — one built on decades of mutual respect, trust and direct dialogue — is one of our College’s great strengths and presents our College, our faculty, our staff and our students with the best opportunity for future progress.

Seminole State greatly values the contributions of its adjunct faculty, who are key to the College fulfilling its educational mission, and is committed to providing a rewarding and positive work environment. We hope that Seminole State adjunct faculty, after reviewing all of the facts, will agree to continue to work directly together to improve and make the College an even better place for our faculty, staff and students.


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