Employment Process Manual, Screening Committees and Review Panels

  • Screening committees must be formed when recruiting for administrative, faculty, professional and technical positions.
  • Screening committees are not utilized for career service positions; however, a review panel is formed by the hiring manger.
  • When a position has been approved for recruitment, the hiring manager or designee will appoint an individual to chair the screening committee.
  • Screening committee members should be trained regarding the college's EA/EO commitment and fair employment practices. This training will be provided by the Human Resources Office and must be arranged by the screening committee chair.

Responsibilities of the Screening Committee/Review Panel

The screening committee, under the leadership of the chair and the review panel under the hiring manger, will develop guidelines and procedures to be followed during the  process. These shall include:

  • the general timetable for interviewing
  • the written/demonstration component of the interview
  • core questions to be asked of all applicants
  • the length of each interview
  • the recommendation process

Screening Committee/Review Panel Size and Composition

The size and composition of the screening committee will vary depending upon the type of position.

  • The chair and/or appropriate administrator will appoint members to the screening committee.
  • Committees for administrative, faculty, professional and technical positions typically range in size from five to seven members.
  • Review panels for career service positions are comprised of the hiring manager and 1-2 others with direct contact/input with the open position.
  • The administrator/hiring manger should ensure that appointments will balance the committee/panel with regards to equity.

Hiring Manager

In most cases, the hiring manager:

  • Should not be on screening committees; however, they may sit in and observe the interviews but not be an active participant.
  • May explain the charge to the committee and should refrain from commenting on or otherwise influencing the process until after finalists have been identified.
  • Serves as an active participant on the review panel and fully participates in the interview and selection process.

Exceptions should be discussed with HR employment or associate vice president of human resources prior to any committee/review panel activity.

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Part-Time Positions

  • Screening committees are  not required for part-time positions.
  • Contact Human Resources Employment regarding recommended documentation when recruiting for part-time positions or pool positions.


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