Procedure for Processing Job Requisitions

I. (Full-time Employees)

Hiring Department/Vice President

  • Existing Position: Request current position description from HR and revise as needed.
  • New Position: Complete Position Description Template(HR-230) and email it to HR.
  • Attach copy or resignation letter (if a replacement).
  • Hiring manager and hiring manager's supervisor sign and date position description and attach to Job Requisition (HR-220).
  • Indicate special requests for recruitment activities or changes in standards.
  • Send recruiting package to Human Resources.

Human Resources Office

  • Review changes to position description.
  • Verify accuracy of information on form.
  • Sign Job Requisition - HR-220 (employment manager or, alternately, associate vice president of human resources).
  • Copy for recruitment file.
  • Send original to Business Office for full-time positions only.

Business Office

  • Verify budget dollars for full-time positions. For part-time positions, budget dollars are normally approved by the department's budget manager instead of the Business Office.
  • Sign original (budget accountant or comptroller).
  • Return original to Human Resources


  • For regular and temporary full-time positions only
    • Sign original (vice president or designee)
    • Return original to Human Resources

Human Resources Office

  • Advertise position in accordance with approved Job Requisition and Position Description.
  • Verify position description has been revised (as needed), signed and dated by hiring manager and hiring manager's supervisor.
  • Send position announcements for professional, administrative and faculty positions to minority publications, organizations and educational institutions.

II. (Part-time Employees - Non-Instructional)

Temporary part-time Employees (Recommendation to Hire):

  • Complete a Recommendation to Hire Part-time Employees (HR-310) from HR.
  • Request a position description and revise as needed.
  • Email position description to HR for review and approval of revisions.
  • Sign/date and attached approved position description to recommendation.
  • Route recommendation for approvals in PeopleSoft TAM (hiring manager, dean, director, associate vice president and vice president)
  • Have recommended new hire complete a Background Release Form (HR-160) and bring to HR.
  • Offer of employment conducted by HR.
  • HR notifies hiring department and sends letter to new hire.

Note: Job requisition (HR-220) needed if advertising on Seminole State web or using applicant pool.

III. (Part-time Employees - Instructional)

Note: Adjunct professors must provide official transcripts by the end of the first term of employment. Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended, or letters of competency (for specialized areas not requiring a degree, but where a certificate may be granted), must be turned in. All colleges and universities must be accredited by a regionally accredited institution or a foreign equivalent university.

Foreign Transcripts: New employees must submit an official transcript with an original or notarized copy of a certified translation and evaluation from a designated NACES (National Association of Credential Evaluation Services) list of evaluators. The evaluation must be a course-by-course translation in the English language.


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