Phonemic Awareness Reading Activities

Student Handouts (Text and Audio)

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A First Aid Class(Initial /s/ Consonant Cluster)
A Job Interview(Numbers Ending in -ty and -teen)
A New Employee(Contractions)
A Visit to the Health Department(Suffixes)
An Accident at Work(/k/ and /g/ Consonants)
At the Pharmacy(/r/ and /l/ Consonants)
Get Out Now!(/aw/Diphthong)
Gus Applies for a New Job(Multi-syllable Words)
Looking for a Job(/j/ and /y/ Consonants)
Making an Appointment(Long /a/ Vowel)
Personal Hygiene(/p/ and /b/ Consonants)
Phyllis, the Physical Therapist(/ph/ Sound)
Read the Label(/t/ and /d/ Consonants)
Setting Educational Goals(Sentence Stress)
Shopping for Food(/ng/ Consonants)
Taking a Test(Final Consonants)
The Accident(Digraphs)
The Doctor's Office(Two- and three-letter blends)
The Emergency Room(/r/ Controlled Vowels)
The Employee of the Month(/sh/ and /ch/)
Two Employees(Recognition of Word Families)
Victor Does His Homework(/f/ and /v/ Consonants)
What Did You Do in Your Country?  
What Did You Do in Your Past Job?
(Past Tense Endings)
What Does Ann Do?
What Does Tim Do?
(Third person singular final /s/ sound)
Working Together(Intonation Patterns)


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