Two Employees

Andy and Tom are employees at the Stanton Tool Company. They have been working there since June 2003. After one year, Andy and Tom’s job performance is evaluated. They just got their performance evaluations from their supervisor, Mr. Samson. Andy is very happy with his evaluation. Mr. Samson thinks Andy is a motivated and cooperative employee. Andy is punctual and has good attendance. Mr. Samson wants to give him a promotion. Andy is happy because he’ll get a big raise in his salary. Tom, on the other hand, is not happy. His evaluation is not good. Mr. Samson wrote about Tom’s problem with punctuality. The supervisor wants to see Tom have better cooperation with other employees. Tom doesn’t have any motivation. He will not get a big raise in his salary this year. Andy and Tom are two very different employees.


Pronunciation and Recognition of Word Families

Reading Infusion by: Mirtha O. Martinez (7/04)
Revised 5/10/06


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