What Does Ann Do?

Ann Sims is a firefighter. At the fire station, she waits for calls from 911. She fights fires. She drives a truck to homes and buildings. Then she puts out fires. She uses hoses and other equipment. She rescues people and saves lives. Ann works 12 hours a day 3 days a week. She works the night shift. She goes to work at the fire station at 6 in the evening. She gets off at 6 in the morning. Sometimes she changes her shift. Then she works during the day. Ann likes working as a fire fighter.

What Does Tim Do?

Tim Mays is a police officer. He drives a police car around the city. He protects the people in the city. He watches out for trouble and keeps the streets safe. Tim works eight hours a day, five days a week. He works the day shift. He goes to the police station at 7 in the morning. He gets off work at 3 in the afternoon. Tim enjoys working as a police officer.


Third person singular final /s/ sound

Reading Infusion by: Mirtha O. Martinez (7/04)
Revised 5/10/06


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