Shopping for Food

Mrs. Fanning and her daughter, Ginger, are shopping for food. They are starting a new diet today. They need good food. Mrs. Fanning is reading the labels on the cans and boxes at the store. She is checking the serving size in a can of soup. The can has two servings. Ginger is reading the label, too. She is checking the amount of calories per serving.

“How many calories are there in a single serving?” asks Mrs. Fanning.

“There are 80 calories per serving,” says Ginger.

“How much sodium is in this can of soup?” asks Mrs. Fanning.

“There are 890 grams of sodium,” answers Ginger.

“Oh, no!” says Mrs. Fanning. “That’s too much!”

“Let’s look for something to drink,” say Mrs. Fanning and Ginger.

“I think I want a drink with no calories,” says Ginger.

“I like to drink Tang,” says Mrs. Fanning. “It’s good.”

They are looking for Tang. Ginger finds the jar of Tang. She reads the label.

“How many calories are there in a single serving?” asks Mrs. Fanning.

“Too many!” says Ginger.

“Oh, no!” says Mrs. Fanning. “We can’t buy Tang.”

“We can’t buy soup,” says Ginger.

“We can’t buy anything,”says Mrs. Fanning. “I’m hungry now,” says Ginger.

“Let’s buy two donuts at the bakery department,” says Mrs. Fanning.

“Good,” says Ginger. “The donuts don’t have labels.”

Mrs. Fanning and Ginger are happy. They are eating chocolate donuts.

Mrs. Fanning and Ginger say, “No diet today!”


Pronunciation of /ng/ Consonants

Reading Infusion by: Mirtha O. Martinez (7/04)
Revised 5/10/06


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