An Accident at Work

Gus and Charisma work at Gaines Mechanic Shop. They are repair technicians at the shop. They are eating lunch and watching television. Charisma goes to the bathroom. Gus waits for her. He sees an accident. Another employee, Gordon, falls down. He is hurt. Charisma walks out of the bathroom.

“What happened?” asks Charisma.

Gus answers, “Gordon fell down.”

“Call the supervisor,” says Charisma.

Charisma helps Gordon. He sits down on a chair. Gus calls Mr. Gale, the supervisor, on the telephone.

“What’s the matter?” asks Mr. Gale.

Gordon fell down in the lunchroom,”  says Gus.

“Is he bleeding?” asks Mr. Gale.

Gus answers, “No, he isn’t.”

“Is he unconscious?” asks Mr. Gale.

Gus answers, “No, he isn’t.”

Good. I want to see Gordon now,” says Mr. Gale.

Mr. Gale goes to the employees’ lunchroom. He talks to Gordon. “How are you feeling?” asks Mr. Gale.

“I have a back ache,” says Gordon. “I need to see a doctor.”

“Please fill out this accident report,” says Mr. Gale. “It is very important. Give it to me today.”

“Yes,” says Gordon.

Gus and Charisma help Gordon. They get a pen for him. Gordon fills out the accident report. Charisma takes the report to Mr. Gale. Gus takes Gordon to Dr. Chris. Gaines Mechanic Shop pays for the visit to Dr. Chris.


Pronuncation of /k/ and /g/ Consonants

Reading Infusion by: Mirtha O. Martinez (7/04)
Revised 5/10/06



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