ESOL Curriculum and Instructional Resources

FDOE ESOL Curriculum Framework - CCR/ELPS Life and Work Competencies

The Florida Department of Education ESOL Curriculum documents have been posted to assist instructors in developing and planning lessons that best suit the needs of English language learners.

English Literacy and Civics Education Projects

The following resources are funded by FLDOE English Literacy and Civics Education Grant.

  • The ESOL Course as Hybrid Online (ECHO) Project integrates English literacy instruction and civics education into online activities that extend language learning beyond the classroom setting, creating flexible access to accommodate busy schedules.
  • Training for Enhanced Language Learning Skills (TELLS): Lesson plans that encourage students to use English outside the classroom and promote strategies for family literacy
  • Secondary Core Measure Activities for Community Involvement: Lesson plans, benchmarks and other resources that support students' development of English language skills outside the classroom
  • Total Immersion of English Strategies (TIES): Lesson plans to help students develop language skills outside the classroom
  • Phonemic Awareness Infusion: Pronunciation lesson plans with linguistic background, strategies and student reading activities

Supplemental Adult ESOL Lesson Plans and Resources

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