At the Pharmacy

Mr. and Mrs. Lee are at the pharmacy. They are getting medicine for their son, Ricky. They need an over-the-counter medicine for Ricky’s allergy. Mr. and Mrs. Lee read the label. Ricky needs one pill with each meal. The medicine makes some people dizzy.  Mrs. Lee reads the word “drowsy,” and she doesn’t understand.

“Let’s ask the pharmacist,” says Mr. Lee.

“The word 'drowsy' means to make you sleepy,” says Mr. Ryan, the pharmacist.

“Thank you,” Mr. and Mrs. Lee say.

They want a refill on Mr. Lee’s prescription medicine, too.

“I need the medicine on this prescription. It’s for me,” says Mr.Lee. “What is the dosage?” asks Mrs. Lee.

“Take one capsule every four hours,” says Mr. Ryan.

“Can he take the medicine on an empty stomach?” asks Mrs. Lee.

“Yes, he can,” says Mr. Ryan.

“Can I get a refill?” asks Mr. Lee.

“Yes,” says the pharmacist, “Your doctor gave you three refills on the prescription.”

“Good,” says Mrs. Lee.

“Thank you,” says Mr. Lee, “You are very helpful.”

“I’m happy to help,” says Mr. Ryan, “Come back soon.”

“I like this pharmacy,” says Mrs. Lee.

“Me, too,” says Mr. Lee.

Pronunciation of /r/ and /l/ Consonants
Reading Infusion by: Mirtha O. Martinez (7/04)
Revised 5/10/06


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