A Job Interview

Anna Tanner is looking for a job. She fills out an application form for a job at a bank. Anna has an interview at 10:30 this morning with the bank manager, Mr. Jones. Anna walks into his office and sits down. She is ready to answer questions.

“Where did you work?” Mr. Jones asks.

“I worked at Union Bank in Lake Mary,” Anna answers.

Mr. Jones asks, “How many years did you work there?”

“I worked there for 13 years,” Anna says.

“When did you begin?” Mr. Jones asks.

Anna says,“I began in 1990.”

Mr. Jones asks, “What position did you have?”

“I was a supervisor in the loan department,” Anna answers.

“How much money did you earn?” Mr. Jones asks.

“I earned $14 an hour,” Anna answers.

“How much money do you want?” Mr. Jones asks.

Anna answers, “I want $15 an hour."

Mr. Jones says, “When can you begin?”

“On Monday,” Anna says.

“Good,” Mr. Jones tells her. “Can you be here at 8:40 on Monday?”

“Oh, yes!” Anna says. “I can be here at 8:40. Thank you.”


Pronunciation of Numbers Ending in -ty and -teen

Reading Infusion by: Mirtha O. Martinez (7/04)
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