The Employee of the Month

Sherry and Sasha are supervisors at Checker’s Supermarket. They are eating lunch together. They are sharing information about the employees at Checker’s. They are choosing the employee of the month.

“I think Mrs. Shannon is very polite with customers,” says Sherry.

“Yes, she is,” says Sasha. “But she is very chatty.”

“Yes, she likes to talk a lot,” says Sherry.

“Mr. Shore is polite, too,” says Sasha.

“Oh, yes,” says Sherry. “But he is forgetful.”

“That’s right,” says Sasha.

“Mr. Chester is easygoing,” says Sasha.

“Yes, but he is always late,” says Sherry.

“We can’t choose Mr. Marsh,” says Sasha. “He is not a team player.”

“You are right. He is a loner,” says Sherry.

“Who do we choose?” says Sasha.

Sherry and Sasha stop talking. Then Mrs. Channing walks into the employee lunchroom. Sherry and Sasha look at her and smile. Mrs. Channing gets her lunch and leaves the lunchroom.

“Mrs. Channing is responsible,” says Sasha.

She is polite, too,” says Sherry.

“Mrs. Channing is smart,” says Sasha.

She is a team player,” says Sherry.

“Mrs. Channing is funny, too,” says Sasha.

“Mrs. Channing is a good employee,” says Sherry.

She is the employee of the month,” says Sasha.

“Yes, she is!” says Sherry.


Pronunciation of /sh/ and /ch/

Reading Infusion by: Mirtha O. Martinez (7/04)
Revised 5/10/06


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