Gus Applies for a New Job

Gus has a new position at Jacobson’s Appliances. He reports to the human resource department to meet with Ms. Henderson. Gus shows her important documentation.

Gus says, “Good morning, Ms. Henderson.”

“Hello, Gus. Do you have identification with you?” asks Ms. Henderson.

“Yes. Here is my passport,” Gus answers.

“Do you have a driver’s license?” asks Ms. Henderson.

“Yes, I do,” says Gus.

“May I see your alien resident card, too?” asks Ms. Henderson.

Gus says,“Here it is.”

“Thanks. I need to make a copy of your employment authorization

card,” says Ms. Henderson.

“Sure,” Gus says.

Ms. Henderson says, “I need to make a copy of your Social Security

card, too.”

“Here it is,”Gus says.

Ms. Henderson says, “You didn’t overlook anything. You should be proud of yourself. Thanks for having all your documents ready today.”

“You’re welcome,” says Gus.

“Good luck in your new job,” says Ms. Henderson.

“Thank you very much. Have a nice day!” says Gus.


Pronunciation of multi-syllable words

Reading Infusion by: Mirtha O. Martinez (7/04)
Revised 5/10/06



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