Staff and Program Development Committee

Mission Statement

The mission of the Staff and Program Development Committee is to promote the professional development of staff, enrich college services, and enhance teaching and learning.


The purpose of the SPD Committee is to enhance decision-making in matters pertaining to the professional development of college personnel and the improvement of college program offerings. Members of the committee assist in publicizing the benefits and making suggestions for improvements. The committee reviews funding requests and makes recommendations to the President. Each year a Staff and Program Development Plan is developed that includes the process for administering the program and a guide for participants.


The Staff and Program Development Committee is a standing elected committee with membership consisting of 15 College employees who have expressed a desire to be an elected SPD representative. Members serve two-year terms that are staggered so that eight are elected in even-numbered years and seven in odd-numbered years. Each spring, the SPD Administrator will conduct an election to choose representatives for the following academic year.  The SPD Committee Chair will replace members who have resigned or terminated their membership. The committee includes the following elected representatives:

Voting Members:

  • Administration (1)
  • Instruction (8)
    • Adult and Continuing Education (2)
    • Arts and Sciences (2)
    • Career and Professional Programs (2)
    • Collegewide Instruction (2)
  • Career Service Personnel (4)
  • Other Professional Personnel (2)
Total Voting Members (15)

Non-Voting Members

  • Accounting Manager (1)
  • Equity Coordinator (1)



Patti Boyle
Academic Affairs

Nyliram Negron
Student Affairs

Simoni Gannon
 IT & Institutional Resources

Shirley Klein

Legal Affairs
Financial Services
Human Resources
Marketing & Strategic Communications
Resource & Economic Development
President's Office