Financial Services Directory

Financial Services
Judith Cooper, Associate Vice President 407.708.2138
Sandra Lochner, Director, Finance and Accounting Services 407.708.2549
Pam Delgado, Finance System Analyst 407.708.2593
Lottie Washington, Administrative Assistant 407.708.2310
Finance and Accounting Services Fax 407.708.2256
Support Staff
Mudassira Khwaja, Clerk III 407.708.2876
Student Aide 407.708.4722, ext. 3267
Accounting Services
Yajaira Brignoni, Accounting Manager 407.708.2358
Accounts Receivable/Sales Tax
Christine Stickney, Accountant 407.708.2676
Cash and PCard Management
Gayle Felton, Accountant 407.708.2736
Accounts Payable
Barbara Wayne, Supervisor 407.708.2666
Maria Bohorquez, Senior Accounting Clerk 407.708.2308
Mehalia Grant, Senior Accounting Clerk 407.708.2509
Travel Accounting
Dianne Eldred, Senior Accounting Clerk 407.708.2493
Asset Management
Liuba Vasileva, Accounting Mgr, Auxiliary & Property Mgmnt 407.708.2551
Tom Salter, Property Control Specialist 407.708.2749
Auxiliary Services
Kendra Kokoska, Associate Director 407.708.2397
Donna Collins, Specialist 407.708.2325
Vivian Luscuskie, Specialist 407.708.2325
Budget - Operating Funds
Naomi Pham, Budget Coordinator/Analyst 407.708.2119
Restricted and Plant Funds
Mila Ecle, Accounting Manager 407.708.2119
Natvar Lal, Accountant 407.708.2309
Ana Garcia, Accountant 407.708.2349
Payroll Services
Nancy Harrison, Associate Director 407.708.2099
Yudeska Valentin, Coordinator 407.708.2513
Flip Bottomley, Senior HRMS Business Analyst 407.708.2539
Janice Dunn, Payroll Specialist 407.708.2739
Michele Wells, Time and Labor Assistant 407.708.2541
Payroll Fax 407.708.2141
Printing and Copy Services
Copy Services - Altamonte Springs 407.404.6029
Copy Services - Heathrow 407.708.4429
Copy Services - Oviedo 407.971.5028
Copy Center - Sanford/Lake Mary 407.708.2702
Printing Services - Sanford/Lake Mary 407.708.2188
Gregory Long, Director 407.708.2174
Eileen Giarratana, Purchasing Specialist 407.708.2895
Vacant, Purchasing Assistant 407.708.2327
Receiving/Mail Services
Altamonte Springs - Phil Ryan, Auxiliary Services Clerk 407.404.6028
Heathrow - Vacant, Mail Receiving Service Clerk 407.708.2259
Oviedo - David Esworthy, Auxiliary Services Clerk 407.971.5028
Sanford/Lake Mary - Wayne Ambrose, Receiving Clerk 407.708.2663
Sanford/Lake Mary - Lauren Bender, Mailroom Clerk 407.708.2662
Staff and Program Development
Yajaira Brignoni, Accounting Manager 407.708.2358
State Auditors
Auditors 407.708.2463
Student Accounting and Cashiering
Cashiering/Student Accounting (All Campuses) 407.708.2140
Third Party Tuition Authorizations/Florida Prepaid 407.708.2697
1098-T 407.708.2844
Fax 407.708.2850

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