SPD Committee Members

Administration Jan Lloyd-Lesley Student Development
Faculty - Adult and Continuing Education Cynthia Godby ABE/GED
Faculty - Adult and Continuing Education Vanessa Wynn Adult Education
Faculty - Arts and Sciences Scott Freeman Psychology
Faculty - Arts and Sciences Amee Mehta Biological Sciences
Faculty - Career and Professional Programs Sandra Dillard Criminal Justice
Faculty - Career and Professional Programs Linda Gregory Administrative Office Mgmt
Faculty - Collegewide Karen Kaufman Library
Faculty - Collegewide Sandy Keeter Computer Program/Analysis
Career Service Danielle Caslow School of Arts & Sciences
Career Service Eileen Giarratana Purchasing
Career Service Kelly McLean Nursing AS
Career Service Frances Middleton Enrollment Services
Other Professional Mercedes Bermejo Academic Administration - Altamonte
Other Professional Charity Lo-Giudice College Relations and Marketing
Ex-Officio Members (Non-Voting)
Equity Coordinator Anita Simpson Human Resources
SPD/Accounting Manager Sandra Lochner Finance and Budget

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