Staff and Program Development (SPD)

Although the State of Florida no longer requires the college to provide Staff and Program Development funding, Seminole State College chooses to support Staff and Program Development (SPD) to assist with professional training, teaching-learning activities, instructional equipment, and travel.

Development using SPD funds may include the following:

  • Professional Development for faculty, staff and administrators
  • Design, analysis, implementation and improvement of current program offerings or services
  • Initiation of programs designed to meet student and community needs
  • Improvement of professional competencies
  • Articulation with the community, institutions, industries and other organizations
  • Projects that attract and retain external support
  • Develop instructional programs and curricula

All personnel are encouraged to utilize these resources to advance the institution and for professional development. SPD funds are available to all College personnel to support the following:

DivisionExecutive Team MemberSPD Contact NameSPD Contact Information
Academic AffairsDr. Loretta OvuerayePatti
Information Technology and Institutional ResourcesDr. Dick HamannSimoni
Student AffairsJohnny CraigNyliram
Legal Affairs, Financial Services, Marketing and Strategic Communications, Resource and Economic Development, Human Resources, President's OfficePaul Carland, Albert Little, Kate Henry, Dr. John Gyllin, Mae Ashby, Dr. LorenzShirley


Visit the Frequently Asked Questions webpage to learn more about the SPD program at Seminole State College of Florida.


Patti Boyle
Academic Affairs

Nyliram Negron
Student Affairs

Simoni Gannon
 IT & Institutional Resources

Shirley Klein

Legal Affairs
Financial Services
Human Resources
Marketing & Strategic Communications
Resource & Economic Development
President's Office