Florida Prepaid

Effective Fall 2023, we will no longer require students to submit authorizations to bill Florida Prepaid each term.

  • Important: please verify that both Florida Prepaid and Seminole State have the correct information on file for your full social security number, date of birth, last name and first name.  This is required before Florida Prepaid can be posted to your account.
  • After Florida Prepaid is posted to your account, please pay the remaining balance for fees not covered by your Florida Prepaid plan by the due date on your account to prevent your classes from dropping for non-payment.
  • You may check for Florida Prepaid on your account by viewing your statement found on MySeminoleState, Financial Account tile, Statements by Term
  • Florida Prepaid will not post to your account if your plan is on hold or in delinquent status, so please resolve holds with Florida Prepaid if applicable.
  • We will bill Florida Prepaid after add/drop each term.  If the billing is rejected by Florida Prepaid, we will reverse the Florida Prepaid from your account and you will owe Seminole State immediately for the resulting balance on your account.

Please contact us at studentaccounting@seminolestate.edu from your Seminole State e-mail account if you need help with any of the following:

  • You have a Florida Prepaid Foundation Account (for example, Take Stock in Children or other scholarship)
  • Florida Prepaid not posted on your account within two business days of registering for classes and you have verified that your SSN, DOB, and name information is correct with Seminole State and Florida Prepaid.
  • After the initial posting of Florida Prepaid each term, increases must be done manually so please notify us if you add or swap classes so your Florida Prepaid can be adjusted accordingly.

Fees covered by Florida Prepaid

Tuition plans cover: Tuition, Financial Aid, and Capital Improvement fees

Local Plans purchased in Year 1999 or prior also cover Student Activity fees

Local Plans purchased in Year 2000 or after also cover Student Activity and Technology fees

Students who do not want us to bill Florida Prepaid will need to contact us at studentaccounting@seminolestate.edu from their Seminole State e-mail accounts to notify us not to bill Florida Prepaid before the end of add/drop each term.  This e-mail notification is required each term you do not want us to bill Florida Prepaid.