Payroll Services

Seminole State College's Payroll Services Office provides employees with accurate and timely payroll information.

Payroll Services is located in building A, in the Financial Services area, room A-103, on the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus.

Payroll and employee benefits represent one of the largest operating expenses for the College. Proper reporting of employee hours and earnings is crucial to the overall accuracy of the organization's financial statements.

The online resources below are designed to help you access your personal payroll information and resolve inquiries. For more information contact Payroll Services:                                                                                                                                   Email:                                                                                                                   Phone: 407-708-2513 or 407-708-2739 - Fax: 407-708-2141

Pay Day

Seminole State full-time employees are paid once per month on the last College-recognized business day of each month. Part-time employees are paid semi-monthly (twice per month) on the 15th (or preceding business day) and on the last College recognized business day each month.

Pay Statements

You can view and print your pay statements online by signing into MySeminoleState, Employee Resources, My Payroll and Compensation, View Paycheck.

W-4 Tax Information

Your completed W-4 employee withholding certificate helps Seminole State determine the amount of federal income tax to withhold from your paycheck. To update your withholding tax status for future paychecks, sign into MySeminoleState, Employee Resources, My Payroll and Compensation, and select W-4 Tax Information from the menu. You may also complete a W-4 Employee’s Withholding Certificate and submit it to Payroll Services.

Direct Deposit

All Seminole State employees are eligible for and encouraged to have their net pay automatically deposited into their checking and/or savings account at any banking institution in the United States. To access the Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement, sign into MySeminoleState, Employee Resources, My Payroll and Compensation, and select Direct Deposit Form from the menu. Complete, print and sign the Direct Deposit Authorization Agreement and submit it to Payroll Services at the Sanford/Lake Mary Campus, Bldg., A – Room 103C.

For a new direct deposit, it may take up to two pay periods for the direct deposit to process to your account. A check may be issued for the first pay period and possibly the second pay period. When you make a change to your account number or your bank routing number, your net pay may be a check on the pay period following the change. The second net pay you receive after making the change should be direct deposited.

If you have any questions regarding your direct deposit, call Payroll Services at 407.708.2541 or 407.708.2513.


The College workweek for non-bargaining unit employees shall begin at 12:00 a.m. Sunday and run for seven (7) consecutive days through 11:59 p.m. Saturday. Five (5) days per week will constitute the normal work week. In accordance with the academic calendar adopted by the Board of Trustees, the President may authorize seasonal departures from the standard workday/workweek (Refer to Policy 2.001)

Paid Holidays and Non-Duty Days

Career Service Non-exempt Employees working during Holidays/Breaks

If you are required to work during a holiday or paid non-duty break period, you may elect to receive paid overtime or earn compensatory time, upon approval of your supervisor. In addition, you must complete an Earned Compensatory Time/Overtime form for all hours worked during this period. Your worked hours on a holiday or paid non-duty break designated in the College calendar, will be paid at 1.5 times your regular hourly rate of pay in addition to the holiday or non-duty pay you will be paid for in your monthly salary. Or if you earn compensatory time in lieu of overtime pay, you will earn 1.5 hours for each hour worked on these dates. All other hours worked beyond the paid non-duty or holidays will be paid, or earned, at 1 time or 1 ½ times depending on your total worked hours during this workweek. (Refer to Overtime Pay and Compensatory Time (Procedure 2.1322)) The Earned Compensatory Time/Overtime form is to be submitted to Payroll Services.

All compensatory time earned must be used before vacation (ALU) or personal (PLU) leave is requested. No more than 75 hours of compensatory time may be accrued at any one time and all compensatory time taken must be approved in advance and taken within a 90-day period. If compensatory time earned is not taken in the 90-day period, it will be paid out when the 90-day period expires

Faculty, Administrative and Professional Exempt Employees working during Holidays/Breaks

If you are required to work during a holiday or paid non-duty period break, submit a Leave of Absence form to your supervisor with the dates and actual hours worked during the holiday or break period. Leave of Absence forms do not include a field for "Working During Holiday/Break." Therefore, cross through an existing leave type and write Working during paid Holiday/Break. Your supervisor must approve this form and write a comment on the form stating that you worked on the dates listed during the holiday/break and are approved to take an equivalent number of hours off within a 90-day period following the end of the break period. The Leave of Absence form should then be forwarded to Payroll.

When using this holiday/break time, complete a Leave of Absence form and indicate Holiday (HOL) reporting code. These hour(s) must be used before vacation (ALU) or personal (PLU) leave is requested. This time is to be approved by your Manager/Supervisor in advance and recorded in Time & Labor by your department Timekeeper, similar to leave used entries.

Overtime and Compensatory Time for Non-Exempt Positions

Employees in Career Service non-exempt positions may earn overtime or compensatory time for hours worked in excess of the 37.5-hour workweek upon prior approval of your supervisor. Hours worked on official College holidays or paid non-duty days shall be paid at 1.5 times the regular hourly rate in addition to the holiday or non-duty pay. All overtime or compensatory time worked must be approved in advance.

The maximum balance of compensatory time an employee may accrue is 75 hours and earned compensatory time must be used within 90 days. Use of compensatory time must be approved by the employee's supervisor in advance and should be exhausted prior to the use of vacation or personal leave.

You may download the Earned Compensatory Time/Overtime Form here.


If you have any questions regarding your pay, please contact Payroll Services at 407.708.2513 or 407.708.2099. If you have questions regarding your leave or benefits, please contact Human Resources/Benefits at 407.708.2640 or 407.708.2703.


Contact Payroll Services
Fax: 407.708.2141