Procedure for Manager Time/Leave Approval

  1. Collect Information (payroll reports/timesheets) from your timekeeper.
    • Department ID list
    • List of employees' IDs within your department
    • Part-time  (hours/dates worked)
    • Full-time (leave used information)
  2. Check Exceptions
    • Navigate to: Home > Manager Self Service > Approve Time and Exceptions > Exceptions
    • Enter your Group ID.
    • Click the Get Employees button.
    • The Manage Group Exceptions page appears with the list of exceptions. Only the Severity of Exception that are high are to be corrected. If the page is blank, you have no errors. If there are still High Exceptions, notify the timekeeper to correct these prior to approval.
  3. Approve Part- or Full-Time Hours/Leave
    Approving employees' time can be done by Group ID (department number) or by employee ID number.
    • Navigate to: Home > Manage Self Service > Approve Time and Exceptions > Payable Time
    • Enter:
      • Group ID Number: Dept Number or Employee ID Number
      • Start Date: The first day of month (i.e. 07/01/2008 for part-time or 07/13/2008 for full-time leave)
      • End Date: The last day of month (i.e. 07/31/2008 for part-time or 08/09/2008 for full-time leave)
    • Click Get Employees.
    • To see daily information for each employee, click the appropriate Employee Name. Check the daily hours/leave for the employee. If you discover an error, contact your timekeeper prior to approval to have this corrected.
    • If all hours/leave entries are correct, click Select All.
    • Click Approve.
    • A message will appear:
      Are you sure you want to approve the time selected? (13504, 2500)

      Once the page is saved, the time cannot be "unapproved."
      Press OK to approve or press Cancel to cancel the approval.
    • Once you click OK, click OK again to confirm the approval
    • If you have another department ID to approve, you will be returned to the Approve Payable Time page.

Items to Verify Prior to Approval


  • Verify the total number of hours for each employee. For part-time, refer to timesheets or, for full-time, refer to the  monthly email from payroll.
  • Verify that all work days are listed for each employee.
  • Full-time employees who use a partial day leave must have the balance of the day as worked hours.


  • Verify the leave used (i.e. ALU, SLU, PLU) for each employee against the Leave of Absence (LOA) forms.
  • Notify Human Resources/Benefits of all employees on medical leave and send them a copy of the LOA form.
  • You can submit leave hours taken 30 days in the previous leave period if they were not previously submitted on the last pay period. The prior period hours must be approved to get posted to the employee's leave balances. If you need to have leave taken posted prior than the 30 days, submit the hours to the Payroll Office for processing.
  • Retiring/Terminating Employees: Leave used after the leave period date to the end of the month needs to be submitted to the Payroll Services Department for entry. Prior to the employee's termination date, notify the Human Resources Department of the leave time used during the month of the termination.

Full-time Overtime and Overloads

  • All overtime and overload hours are to be submitted to Payroll Services for entry by the due date on the Time and Labor Monthly Planner.

View Employee Time

  • To verify time entered for an employee, go to:
    Home > Manage Self Service > Time Management > View Time > Payable Time Summary
    Input the employee's ID number and the date of time/leave. The status will be displayed.
  • To verify if all hours/leave have been approved, navigate to:
    Home > Manage Self Service > Time Management > View Time > Payable Time Detail
    Input the employee's ID number and the date of time/leave. The status will be displayed.


Contact Payroll Services
Fax: 407.708.2141