Procedure for Manager Time/Leave Approval

1. Collect Information from your Timekeeper to verify hours prior to approving time.

  • Department ID # list
  • List of employee’s Name/ID #’s within your department(s).
  • Part-time (hours/dates worked) – TimeCard reports
  • Full-time (leave used information) – Leave of Absence forms

2. Check Exceptions

  • Sign in to your My.SeminoleState, select the Time/Leave Enter & Approve tile on the My WorkCenter page, then and select Exceptions
  • Enter your Time Reporter Group # (Dept.).
  • Click the Get Employees button.
  • The page appears with the list of exceptions. Only the “High” Severity need to be corrected. If the page is blank or has Low exceptions, you have no errors.
    Note: You can use the Filtering Options to limit by Exception Date range and/or Severity.
  • Notify the timekeeper to correct the “High” exceptions prior to approving.

3. Approve Payable Time

  • Approving part-time and full-time employee’s time can be done by entering the Time Reporter Group # (Dept.) or by entering an Employee ID #.
  • Sign in to your My.SeminoleState, select the Time/Leave Enter & Approve tile on the MyWorkCenter page.  Enter:
    • Time Reporter Group ID # (Dept.). or Employee ID #
      • Start Date: First date of reporting period.
      • End Date: Last date of reporting period.
    • Click the Get Employees button.
    • To see daily information for each employee, click the appropriate Employee Name. Check their daily hours/leave used for the employee. If you discover an error, contact your timekeeper prior to approval to have corrected.
    • If all hours/leave entries are correct, click Select All.
    • Click Approve.
    • A message will appear:
      Are you sure you want to approve the time selected? (13504, 2500) Select Yes to confirm and complete the status change, Select No to return to the page without updating the status. Once you click Yes, click OK again to confirm the approval. Once the page is saved, the time cannot be reverted back.
  • Click Next Employee to review the next employee in the list.
  • If you have additional departments to approve, return to the Approve Payable Time page.

Schedule of Dates to Approve / Total Hours

Refer to the Time and Labor Monthly Planner for the schedule of dates and full-time hours to approve for each pay period.

  • Part-time employees refer to the employee’s Timecard report which show the dates worked, punch times, and total daily & weekly hours. Ensure employees are taking a 30 minute, unpaid uninterrupted lunch break when their worked hours exceed 6 hours each day.
  • Full-time employees refer to the Time and Labor Monthly Planner for total hours for each monthly pay period. Ensure all leave of absences are posted for each of your employees prior to approving. Employees who use a partial day leave must have the balance of the day as worked (REG) hours posted to equal their total scheduled daily hours.

Additional Leave of Absence Information

  • Notify Human Resources/Benefits immediately if your employees will be or are on an extended medical leave.
  • Ensure employees leave used is posted accurately by confirming these hours with their Leave of Absence (LOA) forms.

  • Previous leave used not posted or approved
    You can enter and approve leave hours used not submitted for a previous leave period (past 30 days) . If the leave used is prior than the past 30 days, submit the employee’s approved leave of absence form to Payroll for processing.

Employees Retiring or Separating Employment

  • Notify Human Resources/Benefits immediately of employees who will be retiring or separating employment from the College.
  • Submit and approve employee’s worked/leave hours through their last day of employment, which could be beyond the last scheduled leave posting date. Notify Payroll if their hours have changed after posting and approving their hours five (5) days prior to the month-end pay date.

Full-time Non-exempt Employees Earned Compensatory Time or Overtime Pay

  • Non-exempt employees can earn compensatory time or receive overtime pay for all worked hours greater than 37.5 hours during each workweek (Proc. 2.1322).

    All Earned Compensatory time and/or Overtime hours are to be submitted to Payroll Services by completing, approving, and submitting the Earned Compensatory Time/Overtime Form every Monday following the prior workweek hours were incurred.


Contact Payroll Services
Fax: 407.708.2141