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    External Resources

    6A-14.0734 State Board of Education (SBOE) procurement requirements
    FS 112.313(3) Doing business with one's agency
    FS 119.07(1) Inspection, examination and duplication of records
    FS 120.57(3) Protesting solicitation of award
    FS 196.198 Tax exemption
    FS 218.73 Prompt payment for non-construction
    FS 218.735 Prompt payment for construction
    FS 218.74 Prompt payment calculation
    FS 255.05 Bonding construction
    FS 255.0516 Bid protests by educational boards
    FS 255.0525 Advertising for competitive solicitations
    FS 255.20 Bids and contracts for construction
    FS 286.011 Sunshine Law
    FS 287.055 CCNA
    FS 287.057 Procurement of commodities or contractual services
    FS 287.058 Purchase order as a contract
    FS 287.084 Preference to Florida vendors
    FS 287.087 Preference to drug-free workplaces
    FS 287.092 Preference to local foreign manufacturers
    FS 287.094 MBE penalty for discrimination and false representation
    FS 287.133 Public entity crimes
    FS 337.17 Bid guaranty
    FS 413.031 Respect
    FS 946.515 Pride

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